Physical education equipment - PE Class equipement for schools

The idea behind PE equipment is that movement and physical activity have a positive effect on children's learning performance and well-being. From pe class equipment to balancing equipment and movement games, Kinderspell has everything to make movement-based learning possible. Think balance courses, stepping stones, climbing frames, play parachutes, and much more. Check out our range of physical education equipment for schools and outdoor schoolyards below.

Gonge Stepping stones value pack

This value set of Gonge stepping stones enables children to develop their motor skills through play. The set consists of low and high balance stones, allowing both toddlers and older children to build their own pathways. In nordic and basic colors.
€124,95 excl. tax
€151,19 incl. tax

Gonge Arches

Gonge arches set of 3. These balance boards for toddlers and kids can help teach balance while sitting, standing or moving. Provides lots of fun for children but can also be used for workouts and fitness. Or therapy for the elderly or disabled persons.
€99,95 excl. tax
€120,94 incl. tax

Gonge Sensory stepping stones

The new version of the Gonge river stones. This set contains five sensory stepping stones with five different surfaces; cork, aluminium, foam, rubber and concrete. Perfect for free play and tactile training. For home, physio, schools and daycare.
€114,95 excl. tax
€139,09 incl. tax

Gonge Go Go pedal racer

The Gonge GoGo pedal racer allows children to develop playfully balance, coordination and gross motor skills. This sturdy pedal walker provides fun and action for kids and is a perfect safe way to encourage movement. For indoor and outdoor use.
€67,50 excl. tax
€81,68 incl. tax

Gonge Build 'n Balance Advanced set

The Gonge Build and Balance Advanced obstacle set is an exciting and challenging balance system for children. Supports the children to improve their balance and coordination. Ideal in day care centres, primary schools, therapy practices, clinics and more.
€469,95 excl. tax
€568,64 incl. tax

Gross motor skills toys

With this exciting gross motor equipment, children build their own challenging course with multiple activities. Features 32 pieces including agility hoops, agility hurdles, rings and multi-function building blocks. Ideal for preschoolers and older kids.
€199,95 excl. tax
€241,94 incl. tax

Gonge Play parachute

20 ft Play parachute for kids. Playing with this giant rainbow school parachute provides exercises for the whole body. For toddlers, preschoolers and children of primary school age. A perfect tool to develop basic physical coordination at gym class.
€77,50 excl. tax
€93,78 incl. tax

Gonge Tactile Discs

Tactile discs set by Gonge®. Ten large colourful sensory discs and 10 small discs for tactile play. These tactile materials will stimulate children's sense of touch. For kids and toddlers, both indoor and outdoor.
€127,50 excl. tax
€154,28 incl. tax

Gonge Mini Parkour

This Gonge Mini Parkour is a fun way for children to develop muscular strength, coordination and flexibility. Kids can crawl, climb, swing and jump along this exciting balancing and climbing toy. Ideal for toddlers, preschoolers and kids up to 8 yrs old
€319,95 excl. tax
€387,14 incl. tax

Gonge Slide

Slide for toddlers and preschoolers. A niceaddition to the Gonge Mini Parcour. The set consists of 2 sturdy blue plastic blades that can be easily mounted to the Gonge play rack. This indoor slide for toddlers is perfect for daycare, nursery, preschool.
€179,95 excl. tax
€217,74 incl. tax

Gonge Suspension bridge set

The Balancing bridge / Hanging Plank consists of a stable plank suspended on two strong ropes, which can be mounted onto the the Gonge Mini Parkour. The Hanging Plank moves when stepped on, requiring concentration and balance.
€199,95 excl. tax
€241,94 incl. tax

Gonge Floor Surfer

This Gonge Floor surfer rollerboard for children can be used for a large variety of activities, exercises, lesson plans, physical sensory therapy and much more. Provides lots of fun at home, school, gym, day-care center and kindergarten.
€87,50 excl. tax
€105,88 incl. tax


Gonge River Landscape

This Gonge balance river landscape features 25 pieces that can be used in an endless variety of arrangements on the floor. Both indoor and outdoor. Ideal for group play, practicing balance and muscular control. Also available in set of 7 or 14 pieces.
€103,90 €99,90 excl. tax
€125,72 €120,88 incl. tax

Gonge Balance Roller

Gonge Balance Roller with sand in the color green. Children can practice balancing on this roller filled with 2.5 kg sand. This sand cargo reduces speed for optimal safety. This challenging motor activity object offers a progressive skills challenge.
€84,50 excl. tax
€102,25 incl. tax


2 Wheel kick scooter

Very solid and safe red kick scooter with two wheels for preschoolers and school-aged children. This push scooter is designed for kindergartens, (pre)schools and playgrounds. It is suitable for children from 3 years and older and made for intensive use.
€184,95 €169,95 excl. tax
€223,79 €205,64 incl. tax

Gonge Bouncing River Stone

Arrange motor training challenges for children using the Gonge Bouncing River Stone. A great and unique balancing toy which provides a bigger challenge due to the extra bouncing effect and the stimulation of jumping from stone tot stone.
€39,95 excl. tax
€48,34 incl. tax

Pikler Climbing arch

Sturdy wooden climbing arch for children who like to climb! This indoor climbing arch can be used as both a climbing arch and a climbing arch rocker. With the Montessori climbing arch, children develop their motor skills, coordination and balance .
€98,95 excl. tax
€119,73 incl. tax

Pikler Arch climber and slide

This climbing arch and slide 2-piece set is a versatile climbing set. The set consists of a wooden arch climber and a wooden slide board. One side of the board can be used as a slide and the other as a climbing ladder. Ideal for toddler gym !
€189,95 excl. tax
€229,84 incl. tax

Pikler Climbing dome

On this climbing Dome, children can climb, crawl, hang and swing to train their sense of balance and hand-foot coordination. Playing on this wooden indoor climbing dome improves children's movement coordination and stimulates creativity.
€329,95 excl. tax
€399,24 incl. tax

Pikler Climbing triangle

Wooden climbing triangle 3-in-1 with climbing net, climbing wall and climbing frame for toddlers and preschoolers. A 3 in1 montessori climber for sporty kids. This large Pikler climbing triangle is great for day care, toddler gym, schools and at home.
€219,95 excl. tax
€266,14 incl. tax

Obstacle course set

This obstacle course set with hoops, cones and hurdles is the perfect base for a movement course. Easy to set up and expand. This 12-piece set is ideal for sports, games and therapy. For playroom, gym, kindergarten, (pre)school, practice and at home.
€159,95 excl. tax
€193,54 incl. tax

Pikler Frame

Pikler foldable climbing frame. With this montessori indoor climbing frame children train their motor skills and coordination, sense of balance and self-confidence in a fun way. This versatile Pikler frame is ideal for nurseries, schools or at home.
€123,95 excl. tax
€149,98 incl. tax

Physical Education equipment for schools

The aim of PE equipment for primary schools is to support children's cognitive development at school by combining physical activity with learning. With the help of physical education equipment, different senses are stimulated and the brain is stimulated to process information better. This can lead to better learning performance, increased motivation and better concentration among pupils.

PE equipment can be used in primary education, where it is important that children get enough exercise and can concentrate well during lessons. There are various movement games that pe equipment can be used, such as dancing, jumping, yoga, balancing games and movement exercises. It is important that pe sports equipment is performed in a safe and responsible manner.

PE sports equipment - sports day equipment

PE sports equipment is not just for the classroom. Activities outside school can also be linked to learning, for example using moving learning in the schoolyard, during field trips, sports days or nature walks. With pe equipment, learning is linked to movement and pupils are encouraged to be active and learn in a different environment than the classroom.

In general, it can be said that physical education equipment for schools has a positive impact on pupils' cognitive and physical development. It is therefore important that schools and teachers integrate it into their teaching practices and that sufficient space and time is provided for movement in the classroom and in the schoolyard.

PE Class equipment primary school - learning by moving

PE class equipment in primary schools can be used in two ways:

Language and maths  lessons are interspersed with short movement breaks. So jumping, running, or dancing between lessons. This way, children are concentrated again after the movement and can then get back to work on the lessons freshly.
You can also teach children something in a moving way. For example, childrenreally enjoy learning numbers or letters while jumping.

Both ways are effective for promoting learning and concentration. Regular movement in the classroom stimulates circulation and keeps pupils energetic and motivated to learn. In addition, physicals class equipment can also help students remember and understand information better because it is linked to physical experiences. It is important to schedule regular movement into the curriculum so that pupils do not sit still for long periods at a time.

Learning by moving in the classroom - what are the benefits of pe equipment?

There are several benefits of learning by moving in the classroom. It not only promotes children's health, but also their ability to concentrate and pay attention. Moreover, children are enthusiastic about pe class equipment at school and parents increasingly value exercise activities at school.

It is therefore important that schools pay attention to learning by moving and build in time for this during lessons. This can be done, for instance, by introducing short exercise breaks during which pupils can move around for a while and concentrate on their breathing. Pe equipment can also be used to teach certain lesson materials interactively.

Physical education equipment list

It is important that toddlers, preschoolers and older children get enough physical activity outside school hours to maintain the positive effects on the brain. Children who exercise regularly have improved cognitive functions such as memory, concentration and problem-solving skills. This is because exercise improves blood flow to the brain and therefore brain activity.

In short, physical education equipment has many benefits for the brain activity and self-confidence of toddlers, preschoolers and older children . Both in the classroom, on the playground and after school, it is therefore important to encourage sufficient movement. This is best done by making movement fun and interactive, for example with Gonge movement games and movement breaks during lessons. View the complete physical education equipment list on the Kinderspell webshop.