Gross motor skills toys and equipment

Looking for gross motor skill toys and equipement? We have a large range of quality toys and equipment for the development of motor skills, coordination and balance. The development of the motor skills is an important development path for all children and therefore it is always a good idea to present growing up kids with gross motor skill toys that improve this process. Our selection of gross motor skill toys and equipment are great fun and children will love play time involving them. Below you will find top motor toys for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and boys and girls of middle childhood. They can be used both indoor and outdoor.


Gonge Stepping stones value pack

This value set of Gonge stepping stones enables children to develop their motor skills through play. The set consists of low and high balance stones, allowing both toddlers and older children to build their own pathways. In nordic and basic colors.
€110,95 €104,95 excl. tax
€134,25 €126,99 incl. tax


Gonge River stones

A set of 6 Gonge river stones in Nordic and classic colors. These river stones are designed to improve balance and coordination. The aim is to jump from one stone to the next without touching the ground.
€44,95 €39,95 excl. tax
€54,39 €48,34 incl. tax

Soft Bricks

This giant set includes 84 pieces and is fully compatible with the well-known LEGO Soft bricks (article 45003). These oversized large lego blocks are made from an unique rubber-foam material. Extremely safe for young children and toddlers.
€429,95 excl. tax
€520,24 incl. tax


Gonge River Landscape

This Gonge balance river landscape features 25 pieces that can be used in an endless variety of arrangements on the floor. Both indoor and outdoor. Ideal for group play, practicing balance and muscular control. Also available in set of 7 or 14 pieces.
€103,90 €99,90 excl. tax
€125,72 €120,88 incl. tax

Gonge Spinning top

This giant Gonge top is a wonderful disk for children to rock, spin, wobble or make a den. Indoors, outdoors and even in the pool. This red spinning top can be used by one or two children to develop their motor skills and to give them many hours of great
€56,95 excl. tax
€68,91 incl. tax

Giant building blocks 50 pcs

A fantastic collection of 50 big building blocks in several shapes and colours. An extremely safe product made drom an unique rubber-foam material. Ideal for toddlers and preschoolers and children up to 7 years in daycare, kindergarten and primary school
€219,95 excl. tax
€266,14 incl. tax

Gonge baby trampoline with handle

Baby trampoline with 2 handles for little kids and toddlers to practise trampoline jumping. For indoor and outdoor use. Small baby tampoline with focus on safety, including foam bars for extra stability.
€199,95 excl. tax
€241,94 incl. tax

Gonge Bouncing River Stone

Arrange motor training challenges for children using the Gonge Bouncing River Stone. A great and unique balancing toy which provides a bigger challenge due to the extra bouncing effect and the stimulation of jumping from stone tot stone.
€39,95 excl. tax
€48,34 incl. tax

Gonge Hilltops

These exciting hilltop stones will inspire children to jump onto different kinds of stones. Children can jump from one stone to the next. The hilltops come in different heights, allowing kids to improve their motor skills. In nordic or primary colours!
€89,95 excl. tax
€108,84 incl. tax

Gonge Arches

Gonge arches set of 3. These balance boards for toddlers and kids can help teach balance while sitting, standing or moving. Provides lots of fun for children but can also be used for workouts and fitness. Or therapy for the elderly or disabled persons.
€99,95 excl. tax
€120,94 incl. tax

Gonge Play parachute

20 ft Play parachute for kids. Playing with this giant rainbow school parachute provides exercises for the whole body. For toddlers, preschoolers and children of primary school age. A perfect tool to develop basic physical coordination at gym class.
€77,50 excl. tax
€93,78 incl. tax

Gonge Build 'n Balance starter set

The Gonge Build n Balance starter set offers children an introduction to the world of balancing. This course starter set is great for challenging kids balance and coordination. The balance course can be varied in numerous ways. For indoor and outdoor use.
€215,00 excl. tax
€260,15 incl. tax

Gonge Floor Surfer

This Gonge Floor surfer rollerboard for children can be used for a large variety of activities, exercises, lesson plans, physical sensory therapy and much more. Provides lots of fun at home, school, gym, day-care center and kindergarten.
€87,50 excl. tax
€105,88 incl. tax

Gonge Build 'n Balance Advanced set

The Gonge Build and Balance Advanced obstacle set is an exciting and challenging balance system for children. Supports the children to improve their balance and coordination. Ideal in day care centres, primary schools, therapy practices, clinics and more.
€469,95 excl. tax
€568,64 incl. tax

Gonge Go Go pedal racer

The Gonge GoGo pedal racer allows children to develop playfully balance, coordination and gross motor skills. This sturdy pedal walker provides fun and action for kids and is a perfect safe way to encourage movement. For indoor and outdoor use.
€67,50 excl. tax
€81,68 incl. tax

Gonge Balance Roller

Gonge Balance Roller with sand in the color green. Children can practice balancing on this roller filled with 2.5 kg sand. This sand cargo reduces speed for optimal safety. This challenging motor activity object offers a progressive skills challenge.
€84,50 excl. tax
€102,25 incl. tax

Gonge Mini Parkour

This Gonge Mini Parkour is a fun way for children to develop muscular strength, coordination and flexibility. Kids can crawl, climb, swing and jump along this exciting balancing and climbing toy. Ideal for toddlers, preschoolers and kids up to 8 yrs old
€319,95 excl. tax
€387,14 incl. tax

Chariot tricycle Firetruck

Beautiful large firetruck tricycle with step platform. For the real firemen in action.
Specially designed for nurseries and primary schools. Very solid and sturdy, with steel frame, sturdy rubber tyres and non-slip step board.
€359,95 excl. tax
€435,54 incl. tax

Gonge Body Wheel

With this superb Gonge Body Wheel children can roll forwards, backwards, inside, over, crawl through or stand on. All the time developing core strength, balance, agility and having lots of fun. For indoors and outdoors. Suitable for children of all ages.
€134,95 excl. tax
€163,29 incl. tax


2 Wheel kick scooter

Very solid and safe red kick scooter with two wheels for preschoolers and school-aged children. This push scooter is designed for kindergartens, (pre)schools and playgrounds. It is suitable for children from 3 years and older and made for intensive use.
€184,95 €169,95 excl. tax
€223,79 €205,64 incl. tax

Pedal trike medium

Super sturdy tricycle with pedals for children aged 3 to 6 years. Beautiful red pedal trike that is suitable for intensive use in schools and preschool institutions. For boys and girls indoors or outdoors on the schoolyard or on a playground.
€199,95 excl. tax
€241,94 incl. tax


Tricycle Taxi Trike

This tandem trike for 2 children is specifically designed for preschools, primary schools, playgroups and after-school childcare. The tricycle taxi with 2 seats guarantees endless playtime fun, both indoors and outdoors. Very safe, sturdy and durable.
€312,50 €299,95 excl. tax
€378,13 €362,94 incl. tax

Obstacle course set

This obstacle course set with hoops, cones and hurdles is the perfect base for a movement course. Easy to set up and expand. This 12-piece set is ideal for sports, games and therapy. For playroom, gym, kindergarten, (pre)school, practice and at home.
€159,95 excl. tax
€193,54 incl. tax

Gross motor skills toys

With this exciting gross motor equipment, children build their own challenging course with multiple activities. Features 32 pieces including agility hoops, agility hurdles, rings and multi-function building blocks. Ideal for preschoolers and older kids.
€199,95 excl. tax
€241,94 incl. tax

Gross motor skill toys for toddlers, preschoolers and kids in middle childhood

Gross motor toys improve skills that are essential for everyday life such as jumping, running and balancing. Even for infants it is important to start developing these skills and certainly toddlers and preschoolers should be sufficiently challenged with daily physical activities that stimulate their gross motor skills. Practising these skills through play will definitely facilitate physical development and provide kids with the abilities to explore and interact with the world around them. Below you find some examples of durable and relevant motor skill toys for the different age groups:

  • toddlers (1 year olds to 2 year olds): trampoline with handles
  • preschoolers (3 year olds to 4 and 5 year olds): giant spinning top
  • middle childhood (6 year ols to 8 and 10 year olds): floor surfer board

Motor toys for both outdoor and indoor use

Products such as our balance pods or obstacle courses allow children to practice balance both indoor and outdoor. Also scooter boards and spinning tops can be used in gyms or outside on the schoolyard. Our top selection of gross motor skill toys are great fun and kids will love play time involving them in all environments and places.

Toys to develop and improve gross motor skills

By repeating activities kids can develop and improve muscle tone and continue to develop both physically and emotionally. Gross motor skill toys definitely help to improve social skills and emotional development. Exploration of an environment is a way for children to advance their gross motor skills and improve their overall physical development. All of our motor toys facilitate physical development by triggering and repeating the play response. A good example is the Floor Surfer scooter board. It is ideal for upper extremity strengthening, movement, vestibular activities and motor planning. The same goes for all other items in our assortment. You do not have to search any longer where to buy them. You can purchase these wonderful toys directly from this page!