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Would you like to set up an early years construction area? In the construction corner children in childcare, children learn to develop their motor skills. Setting up an early years construction area in childcare stimulates the development of toddlers and preschoolers. Check out our educational range of early years construction toys and materials for nurseries, playgroups and kindergartens below. 

Giant building blocks 42 pcs

These giant bricks are ideal for toddlers, preschoolers and kids up to 7 years old. Due to the unique rubber-foam material, these 42 giant lego blocks are extremely safe. Yet they hold together very well and kids can build the greatest models!
€219,95 excl. tax
€266,14 incl. tax

DUPLO Building Blocks packed in Jakobs Storage Box

These LEGO DUPLO building bricks are a dream come true for children looking to explore their creative potential by building all sorts of environments and models. Features a wide palette of colours and bricks. The 240 bricks come in a Jakobs storage box.
€109,95 excl. tax
€133,04 incl. tax

Gross motor skills toys

With this exciting gross motor equipment, children build their own challenging course with multiple activities. Features 32 pieces including agility hoops, agility hurdles, rings and multi-function building blocks. Ideal for preschoolers and older kids.
€199,95 excl. tax
€241,94 incl. tax

Giant building blocks 50 pcs

A fantastic collection of 50 big building blocks in several shapes and colours. An extremely safe product made drom an unique rubber-foam material. Ideal for toddlers and preschoolers and children up to 7 years in daycare, kindergarten and primary school
€219,95 excl. tax
€266,14 incl. tax

Kapla box

This large Kapla box contains no less than 280 woooden planks, neatly stored in a wooden trunk. Children of all ages design and build in your class or play corner the greatest creations and learn at the same time about structures and architecture.
€79,95 excl. tax
€96,74 incl. tax


Gonge River Landscape

This Gonge balance river landscape features 25 pieces that can be used in an endless variety of arrangements on the floor. Both indoor and outdoor. Ideal for group play, practicing balance and muscular control. Also available in set of 7 or 14 pieces.
€103,90 €99,90 excl. tax
€125,72 €120,88 incl. tax

Giant building blocks 84 pcs

This fantastic set of rubber-foam mega building blocks enables toddlers and preschoolers to build great constructions and other exciting creations. No less than 84 elements are at their disposal in various shapes, colours and sizes. Fun guaranteed!
€429,95 excl. tax
€520,24 incl. tax

Table for lego duplo with 4 seats

An attractive and gaily coloured set! Four strong and sturdy pouffes around an Table for duplo. A play area where any child would like to play. Also comes with a large selection of DUPLO bricks.
€749,95 excl. tax
€907,44 incl. tax

Child Play Table and Chairs

This top quality activity table is equipped with 2 chairs which are neatly integrated in the framework of the table. Since this play table can be positioned towards any wall, it hardly occupies any space in your kids corner.
€399,95 excl. tax
€483,94 incl. tax

Kapla wooden blocks

Discover the world of Kapla wooden blocks with this great base set including no less than 200 wooden planks. Let children develop their talents and soon you will see appear the most ingenious and surprising creations.
€45,00 excl. tax
€54,45 incl. tax

Giant building blocks 100 pcs

This value pack contains 100 large foam building blocks. It is a fantastic educational toy for toddlers, preschoolers and children up to 7 years old. The giant construction blocks are ideal to build furniture, a house, wall, figures, animals and much more
€429,95 excl. tax
€520,24 incl. tax

Table for lego with chairs

Very sturdy play table with four matching chairs. Supplied with a large pack of duplo building blocks or lego building blocks if preferred). The middle of the table features a handy storage box for tidy storage of all of the blocks.
€499,95 excl. tax
€604,94 incl. tax

Kapla building blocks

This huge Kapla building blocks set consists of no less than 1,000 wooden planks which allow children of all ages to design and build the most beautiful and astonishing creations. Youngsters will love this educational construction material.
€215,00 excl. tax
€260,15 incl. tax

Storage Box Large

Are you looking for a clean and neat play corner or play area? Then this big sturdy storage box (large) will be ideal for storing all Lego or Duplo bricks at the end of the day.
€14,95 excl. tax
€18,09 incl. tax

Children Play Table and Chairs

This wonderfully designed 3-seater children play table and chairs can be efficiently placed against any wall of your play corner. In the middle of the table children will find their bricks or play materials in a practical storage bin.
€599,95 excl. tax
€725,94 incl. tax

Obstacle course set

This obstacle course set with hoops, cones and hurdles is the perfect base for a movement course. Easy to set up and expand. This 12-piece set is ideal for sports, games and therapy. For playroom, gym, kindergarten, (pre)school, practice and at home.
€159,95 excl. tax
€193,54 incl. tax

Construction play for toddlers

Playing in the construction corner is different for every age. The Early Years construction area consists mainly of blocks. With these ealy years construction toys and blocks, toddlers can learn to stack and experiment. Building with different kinds of construction play toys contributes to the development of motor skills and eye-hand coordination. In addition, toddlers also learn to recognise shapes and colours. Setting up a block area is best done with open-ended materials such as large building blocks; these materials stimulate the imagination and creativity of small children.

Why set up a construction area eyfs?

Children learn many new skills in the eyfs construction area. Improving motor skills, spatial awareness and eye-hand coordination as well as playing together and coming up with solutions are skills that toddlers and preschoolers can learn in a well-designed play corner. While playing with the early years construction corner toys and materials, toddlers learn to interact with other children and to play together.

Educational construction play- toys, materials and furniture

Construction play, or constructive play is the type of play children engage in when manipulating materials or toys to construct or create something. Kinderspell offers a versatile range of educational and high-quality construction corner toys, materials and blocks, such as Kapla wooden building boards, large soft building blocks, DUPlO blocks and also construction play material for building a course. 

Apart from early years construction toys, you can decorate and expand the early years construction area with special furniture. For example, by placing a building table in the block corner, children can easily play together on a project and the play corner is easier to define. Variety and freedom in play also support children's confidence in their own creativity. Little tips and tricks and educational construction materials can make the construction area eyfs even more attractive.

Preschool construction area

The preschool construction corner in day-care centres, kindergartens, playgroups and nurseries promotes not only hand-eye coordination, but also patience, social interaction, fantasy and spatial imagination. In the context of playful learning, working with building materials is also a good way to practise playing without instruction.

Toddlers can use simple stacking games to build a tower and discover the joy of this form of play. Depending on the age group, it is a good idea to check the construction play activities for preschoolers
for children under 3, for example whether there is no risk of them swallowing it. Toddlers can create great works of art in the early years construction area using large building blocks, among other things.

Variety of early years construction toys and materials

To make the early years construction area stimulating and encouraging, it is important to change the materials and blocks regularly. If a box of building blocks is not used for a while, the toys offered again will be more interesting and stimulating for the children. By observing how toddlers and preschoolers play freely with the blocks and materials, it soon becomes clear which toys are no longer interesting and these toys can be temporarily swapped. Regular exchange of toys makes the early years construction area orderly. It is easier for the children to concentrate on the material and this promotes involvement in play.

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