Tricycles - for 2, 3, 4, 5 year olds - three wheel bikes for toddlers and kids

A tricycle for toddlers and preschoolers aged 2 years, 3 years and above offers more than just entertainment. A tricycle contributes to the motor development of young children in many ways. By riding a children's tricycle, 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds and older kids learn to keep their balance in a simple way. The robust and solid construction makes these three wheel bikes for toddlers and preschoolers extremely suitable for intensive use at the nursery, in the schoolyard, on the street or at home in the garden.

3 Wheel balance bike

This 3 wheel balance bike allows children to get their first cycling experience. This very solid tricycle balance bike is manufactured by Winther and very popular in nurseries and day care centres. Ideal for toddlers and children aged 1½ years and up.
€189,95 excl. tax
€229,84 incl. tax

Small trike

On this small red trike, toddlers from 1½ years can already get to know cycling. This mini tricycle with pedals is very sturdy, solid and durable and specially designed for nurseries, day-care centres and pre-school institutions. For indoor and outdoor.
€179,95 excl. tax
€217,74 incl. tax

Pedal trike medium

Super sturdy tricycle with pedals for children aged 3 to 6 years. Beautiful red pedal trike that is suitable for intensive use in schools and preschool institutions. For boys and girls indoors or outdoors on the schoolyard or on a playground.
€199,95 excl. tax
€241,94 incl. tax


Tricycle Taxi Trike

Tricycle Taxi. This Tandem Trike for 2 kids is specially designed for daycare, primary school, playgroup and after-school childcare. This tandem tricycle guarantees endless playtime fun, both indoors and outdoors.
€312,50 €299,95 excl. tax
€378,13 €362,94 incl. tax

Chariot tricycle Firetruck

Beautiful large "firetruck" tricycle with step platform. For the real firemen in action.
Specially designed for nurseries and primary schools. Very solid and sturdy, with steel frame, sturdy rubber tyres and non-slip step board.
€359,95 excl. tax
€435,54 incl. tax


2 Wheel kick scooter

Solid red kick scooter with 2 wheels for toddlers and preschoolers. This scooter is specially designed for nurseries, schools and playgrounds and is suitable for intensive use. Safe children's scooter for children from 3 years of age. Also for home use.
€184,95 €169,95 excl. tax
€223,79 €205,64 incl. tax

Balance bicycle

Sturdy and solid children's balance bike for kids from 3 years of age. This professional balance bike Bikerunner is extremely strong, durable and specially designed for kindergartens, preschools and primary schools. Suitable for intensive use.
€184,95 excl. tax
€223,79 incl. tax

Tricycle for 2 year olds and up - three wheel bike for toddlers and preschoolers

A toddler tricycle for 2-year-olds offers an excellent opportunity to familiarise children with the movement of cycling. With a tricycle, toddlers do not yet need to maintain balance, but can already practice the pedalling motion. This makes a tricycle for toddlers the perfect first bike.

A tricycle obviously is a bicycle with three wheels. Usually, the three wheel bike has one wheel at the front and two at the back. The pedals are attached to the front wheel. Young children can cycle on a toddler tricycle as early as 2 years old, because they do not yet need to keep their balance. Moreover, getting on and off is easier than on a balance bike or a two-wheeled bike.

Tricycle for 2 year olds - trikes for toddlers

On average, toddlers can pretty quickly handle a tricycle for 2-year-olds. However, it is important to realise that every child develops at their own pace. Therefore, every child will be ready for their first toddler tricycle a bit earlier or later. To properly handle a toddler tricycle for 2-year-olds, it is important that a child has enough strength in the legs to be able to pedal to set the 3-wheeler bike in motion. In addition, good motor skills are important for steering. Young children playfully learn to steer and pedal on the tricycle, developing hand-eye coordination and cooperation between arms and legs.

Tricycle for 3 year olds - trikes for preschoolers

The purpose of a children's tricycle for 3 year olds is to develop children's motor, cognitive and social skills through play and movement. A sturdy tricycle for 3-year-olds is suitable for both private use at home and professional use in schools, and day care institutions. Are you looking for a toddler tricycle for primary school, day-care centre or playgroup? These three wheel bikes of the Jaalinus brand is the perfect choice.

A toddler tricycle is a fun way to develop your child's skills. It is fun and innovative but at the same time stimulating and suitable for the personal growth of 3-year-olds. Starting with a 3-wheeler bike and then a balance bike, both vehicles can be used incrementally to teach your child both pedalling and balancing. This approach lays a solid foundation for a smooth and successful transition to riding a real children's bike independently.

Both boys and girls

Our tricycles for children from 2 years old are suitable for boys and girls. All Jaalinus trikes and tricycles are made in red, a colour that appeals to both boys and girls. As a specialist in the field of trikes for 2 and 3 year olds, we offer only the best quality items available. The Jaalinus brand offers tricycles for boys and girls of a very high quality and extremely high value for money. 

For nursery, daycare, kindergarten, preschool and primary school

The 3-wheeler bicycles are specially designed for preschool institutions and primary schools. The Jaalinus three-wheeler bikes are particularly solid and sturdy: they are fitted with a steel frame suitable for intensive use, for example in the schoolyard. All parts of this 3 wheeler bikes are durable, weatherproof and of high quality. This is the only way to guarantee 100% safe play in kindergartens and schools. The tubular steel system ensures very light but extremely robust vehicle frames. The pre-shaped plastic seat shells of the tricycle ensure an optimal seating position for little ones.

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