• Gonge Giant rainbow Play Parachute for kids
  • Gonge Giant rainbow Play Parachute for kids
  • Gonge Giant rainbow Play Parachute for kids
  • Gonge Giant rainbow Play Parachute for kids
  • Gonge Giant rainbow Play Parachute for kids
  • Gonge Giant rainbow Play Parachute for kids
  • Gonge Giant rainbow Play Parachute for kids

Gonge Giant rainbow Play Parachute for kids

20 ft Play parachute for kids. Playing with this giant rainbow school parachute provides exercises for the whole body. For toddlers, preschoolers and children of primary school age. A perfect tool to develop basic physical coordination at gym class.
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Age Indication: 2 years and older
Dimensions: Diameter: 20 ft (6 meter)
Number of elements: 1 (with 12 handles)

Gonge Rainbow Play Parachute 20 ft for kids

Have hours of fun with this giant play parachute for kids. The Gonge® Rainbow school parachute provides exercise for the whole body and is perfect for group play activities in childcare and primary schools. The play parachute with 12 handles encourages group play and social interaction and develops basic gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and balance. Suitable for toddlers, preschoolers and children of primary school age.

This top quality play parachute inspires many types of activities for groups of children or even grown-ups during therapy sessions for example. It is made of colourful lightweight fire-resistant polyester and comes with 12 very strong handles. The rainbow parachute has a very strong 10mm thick rope sewn into the outer edge allowing a large number of people to play at the same time.

This sensory tool is a great way to develop basic gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, balance and it encourages both group play and social interaction simultaneously.  

Play parachute product specifications #2304:

  • Colourful, lightweight, fire-resistant polyester
  • 12 strong handles
  • Maximum load 10 kg.
  • Ø 6 m diameter (20 ft)
  • For children 2 to 12 years
  • For gym, therapy, sports, and leisure
  • Suitable in childcare, preschool, primary school, sport clubs, therapy centres
  • Top quality from Denmark

Suggested activities

The number of activities that you can carry out with this giant Gonge kids play parachute is countless. Below you find some suggestions for play activities that we have come up with from personal experience:

  1. Crossing Over and Crossing Under : children kneel and make hard, fast waves, then when you call out the numbers the kids crawl on the parachute instead of under it. Another might be using the same numbering off and go under the parachute, call the number and those children go into the center and make statues, and then come back and call another group.
  2. Mousetrap : children stand around the giant parachute and hold it high above their heads. Number off the children. When a number is called, those kids become the mice and they must crawl under the rainbow parachute, trying to crawl out between the kids still holding the parachute and back under the parachute as many times as they can. When you blow a whistle, kids still holding the parachute pull it quickly to the ground to see how many mice they can trap.
  3. Parachute with Scooters : Another favorite is to place scooters under the play parachute and call a number. Kids will try to get on the scooter and get out before the chute lands on them.
  4. Freeze : Children make big waves while music is playing, and freeze when music stops. Variations while making big waves to music and then freezing--jump up and down with both feet off the ground; jump on one foot; other foot; make big waves while holding the giant parachute behind instead of in front; kick feet under the parachute one at a time to see if you can touch with your toe; one hand on the parachute and one hand behind your head; make waves back and forth instead of up and down.
  5. Alligator : Kids lay down on the floor and pull the parachute up to their chin. They must have their legs straight out under the parachute and legs together. They pretend to be asleep with eyes closed. The (preschool) teacher walks around and taps one student on the shoulder--this person becomes the alligator. Alligator crawls quietly under the parachute in order to eat other kids. Alligator eats by quickly pulling the feet of another student. When a child is pulled under, they must scream to warn others, and then they also become an alligator. Continue until all kids are alligators.
  6. Cat and Mouse : Children are all holding the rainbow parachute. The teacher walks around the parachute and taps every other pupil. When you tap the kids, alternate by telling the first child they are a mouse, the next they are a cat, the next they are a mouse, etc. until you have about 3 mice and 3 cats. Mice crawl under the chute and hide. Cats crawl carefully on hands and knees on top of the school parachute with their eyes closed. When a whistle blows or when the music starts, the kids still holding the parachute make big waves. Mice crawl around underneath and try to avoid being tagged through the chute by the cats. Cats open their eyes and crawl around the chute, trying to tag as many mice as possible.
  7. Popcorn : Throw out some small foam balls and ask the children to shake the parachute, popping them up in the air.
  8. Parachute Volleyball : Divide the class in half down the middle of the school parachute. With some foam balls on the play parachute, have them try to flip the balls on to the other team's side.
  9. Cooperative Parachute : Put a ball--that will fit through the center hole- on the parachute. See if you can get the ball to roll around the parachute 5 times without it falling off-or falling through. And see if you can get the ball through the center hole.
  10. Class Picture : The children lift up the parachute, take three steps in to middle and place the giant parachute behind their necks. They then carefully lower themselves to lie on their stomachs while bringing their hands together under their chins. If done properly, all you will see are little faces under the parachute. Smile for the picture.
  11. Soccer : Three to six children are on the play parachute with an earth ball or nerf balls. They attempt to kick ball off chute while players holding the parachute block by raising the chute. Switch center players after 30 seconds.
  12. Worms : Several kids go under the parachute in their places and crawl on the grass toward the center. One by one they come out through the hole and crawl back to their places.
  13. Tug of war : Put the parachute with handles flat in the air. Children hold the rolled edge of the parachute waist high with enough tension to keep it flat. Group the other kids into teams. On signal "Go" all players pull the giant parachute and attempt to move it in their direction.
  14. Rhythms : The children hold the rolled edge of the rainbow parachute waist high with enough tension to keep it flat. To music side slide, skip, walk, and change directions. Alternate traveling with inflating parachute and moving in three steps and back to places. To inflate parachute start with the parachute touching bent knees. As players raise arms overhead they walk three steps toward center and look up at canopy. When the school parachute deflates or on command they back up four steps.

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