• Gonge Stepping balance stones for kids - value pack
  • Gonge Stepping balance stones for kids - value pack
  • Gonge Stepping balance stones for kids - value pack
  • Gonge Stepping balance stones for kids - value pack
  • Gonge Stepping balance stones for kids - value pack
  • Gonge Stepping balance stones for kids - value pack
  • Gonge Stepping balance stones for kids - value pack
  • Gonge Stepping balance stones for kids - value pack
  • Gonge Stepping balance stones for kids - value pack

Gonge Stepping balance stones for kids - value pack

This value set of Gonge stepping stones enables children to develop their motor skills through play. The set consists of low and high balance stones, allowing both toddlers and older children to build their own pathways. In nordic and basic colors.
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Age Indication: 2 years and older
Dimensions: variable dimensions (see Gonge River stones and Gonge Hill tops)
Number of elements: 11 pcs (primary colours) or 9 pcs (nordic colours)

Children’s stepping stones Gonge – Extra Value Set

This 11-piece set of children’s stepping stones consists of brightly coloured stones of different heights. The balance stepping stones are suitable for toddlers, preschoolers and older children too, creating a stepping stone game to challenge any child! The set contains six river components and five hill components. Purchasing this two-part value set gives you everything you need to build an extensive pathway that children can use to develop and improve their balance, coordination, concentration and motor skills. And all at a very competitive price.

The Nordic set contains six river components and three hill tops.

For children in nurseries, pre-school institutions and primary schools

Children of any age – from toddlers and preschoolers all the way up to older children – will benefit greatly from the further development of their motor skills. By providing them with these top quality stepping stones, you will be giving them an ideal toy for playing balance games thereby enhancing their physical skills in a fun way. Whether they are used in a playgroup, nursery, kindergarten or primary school class environment, these brightly coloured stones are ideal developmental materials. And the exceptional stepping stone pathway can be used in many other ways too – for instance, for physical education lessons in nurseries, kindergartens, primary schools and day-care centres.

Set of 11 indoor and outdoor stepping stones / 9 nordic stepping stones

  • 11 Bright, Colorful Blocks / 9 Blocks in nordic colors
  • Varying Heights and Sizes
  • Durable - for Indoor and Outdoor Play
  • Safe - non-slip edges to prevent slipping
  • Heavy-duty plastic and rubber
  • Age 2+ years

Balance stepping stones - A toy for physiotherapy

What we learn when we’re young has an impact on us for the rest of our life. Play is of great importance when it comes to motor skill development in children. Through playing, children learn how objects feel, how to pick them up, and how movement works. They also become familiar with concepts such as colours, depth, height, and front and back in a playful way. This Gonge children’s stepping stone set for movement practice is also used as physiotherapy equipment for the development of gross motor skills, and not only for children. The set is just as valuable when used for adults of all ages. This is because moving in the correct fashion is extremely important, especially for those in convalescence or undergoing physical therapy or physiotherapy.

Stepping stones for children and toddlers – for both indoor and outdoor use 

This set of Gonge stepping stones for toddlers is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The set is ideal for children to use for play in the home or garden. All of its components are made of a first-rate, non-slip material so that they stay firmly in place, even indoors on slippery floors. These top-quality products offer children hours of play, with every new game a fun prospect for both young and old. These balance stepping stones also bring the social aspect of physical exercise to the fore. Children find using these balance stepping stones to create and then successfully complete a challenging course with friends or family members a great deal of fun.

Buy children’s stepping stones

You can purchase this value set of stepping stones at an attractive discount today. Placing an order online via our website is very easy. If you order today, in most cases we will deliver to your address on the next working day.

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Ben W. Posted on 14 August 2023 at 11:24

Uitstekende service.
Snelle afhandeling van de order.
Fijn bedrijf.

Heleen Posted on 2 December 2021 at 11:29

De nieuwe set, via TNT is aangekomen. Heel erg bedankt voor de adequate actie. De kids zullen er veel plezier van hebben. :) Mocht de andere set, om wat voor reden dan ook, alsnog aankomen dan sturen we deze uiteraard terug.

SANDRINE M. Posted on 9 November 2020 at 10:10

Produit résistant. Utilisable à différents âges. Plait aux enfants. Le nombre et la diversité des tailles permet à l'adulte d'adapter la difficulté.

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