Giant building blocks - Giant blocks for indoor and outdoor

Giant building blocks are doubtless the dream of toddlers and slightly older children. Certainly because these large foam rubber building blocks have been made from a unique soft rubber material which allows them to construct the greatest models and figures in absolute safety. These unique patented and flexible giant building blocks are compatible with Lego Soft blocks and ideal for a daycare, nursery, early learning center, public play areas, waiting rooms etc. These large blocks represent durable and educational toys for both free play and guided activities, both indoor and outdoor!


Large Building Bricks

Large building blocks for toddlers and kids, 42 pieces. Certainly these wise big blocks! Due to the soft rubber material, these extra large building blocks are extremely safe. Yet they hold together very well and kids can build great models!
€229,95 €219,95 excl. tax
€278,24 €266,14 incl. tax

Giant Soft blocks

This huge set giant soft blocks enables kids and toddlers to build great structures and other fantastic creations. No less than 84 elements are at their disposal in various shapes, colours and sizes.
€399,95 excl. tax
€483,94 incl. tax

Kids giant building blocks

Kids giant building blocks 50 pieces. A fantastic collection of 50 soft building bricks in several shapes and colours. These children's giant building blocks will undoubtedly bring many,hour of good fun. An extremely safe product fo...
€219,95 excl. tax
€266,14 incl. tax

Large Soft Blocks

This large foam blocks twin pack consists 100 large soft building blocks. This big soft play blocks set is a fantastic educational toy for kids and toddlers. Stacking blocks and sorting shapes...
€399,95 excl. tax
€483,94 incl. tax

Giant building blocks - giant plastic foam blocks

These giant building blocks are made from EVA, a unique soft and safe plastic/ foam material, and have smooth edges and corners. These Giant Blocks are designed for toddlers and older kids and are easy to handle, stack, and unstack. These big building blocks are great for making houses, walls, castles, buildings and more! These Giant Plastic building blocks help kids to develop their gross motors skills and hand-eye coordination. These are highly durable rubber blocks are excellent for introducing creative play. Children will have hours of building fun with these Lego-like giant building blocks. 

Giant blocks - primary colors and nordic colors

Our giant building blocks assortiment consists of four different products:

  •  primary colors set 42 pieces (red, green, blue, yellow)
  •  primary colors set 84 pieces (red, green, blue, yellow)
  •  nordic colors 50 pieces (grey, rose, light green, light blue, yellow)
  •  nordic colors 100 pieces (grey, rose, light green, light blue, yellow)

Our big building blocks are 100% compatible with the giant Lego Soft building bricks. These blocks have the same measures and are made of the same material. 

Giant building blocks for toddlers and older children

The unique shape and fun colors of these large blocks encourages all kinds of creative designs. Kids and toddlers learn fine motor skills while growing their imagination. They are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. The big building blocks are quiet when they topple and they don’t have any sharp edges.

Giant outdoor building blocks

With these large outdoor building blocks kids can build a house, a wall, a building, a tower or even an animal or figure. Kids and Toddlers love to learn by using their hands and building something new, which is exactly what our great range of giant outdoor building blocks is all about. These large oudoor construction blocks are ideal for any play area or garden. These giant outdoor building blocks have endless possibilities. Made from tough rubber / foam, these bricks are ideal for indoor and outdoor play. These giant bricks are based on the original small piece of Lego. Children love to get creative with these big bricks!