Imaginative play toys, role play furniture, kitchens

Role play furniture and imaginative play toys are important for child development. With role play furniture, toys and kitchens, toddlers aged 2, 3, preschoolers and older children learn to use their imagination. In primary school, children can use role play toys and role play kitchen sets to imitate the adult world. They can do and imitate all kinds of social activities. Check out our role play furniture and imaginative toys for playful learning in the play corners at the primary school below.

Chariot tricycle Firetruck

Beautiful large firetruck tricycle with step platform. For the real firemen in action.
Specially designed for nurseries and primary schools. Very solid and sturdy, with steel frame, sturdy rubber tyres and non-slip step board.
€359,95 excl. tax
€435,54 incl. tax

Play kitchen with sounds and lights

This wooden loft-style play kitchen with sounds and lights will surely appeal to both children and parents. A rural toy kitchen with 18 pcs of accessories, a farmhouse sink with light and running water sound, a cooktop with light and fire sound and more.
€219,95 excl. tax
€266,14 incl. tax

Large play kitchen - Large toy kitchen

Large children's play kitchen in a corner arrangement. This corner kitchen is full of fun and includes many interactive play features. The stove and ice cube maker are illuminated and make realistic sounds. The oven knobs turn and click like in real life.
€299,95 excl. tax
€362,94 incl. tax

# TOLO World People

This TOLO World People set is an ideal supplement to any play theme and allows youngsters to recreate scenes that reflect today's multicultural society.
€85,00 excl. tax
€102,85 incl. tax

# TOLO Community People Set

This TOLO Community People set includes 10 unique characters full of personality and with important roles to play in society and our community.
€99,95 excl. tax
€120,94 incl. tax

Kids Wall Panel

Kids wall panel. Ideal for your waiting space or playcorner in case you have only limited space at your disposal. Children keep on playing with this highly qualitative kids wall panels.
€299,95 excl. tax
€362,94 incl. tax

Giant building blocks 50 pcs

A fantastic collection of 50 big building blocks in several shapes and colours. An extremely safe product made drom an unique rubber-foam material. Ideal for toddlers and preschoolers and children up to 7 years in daycare, kindergarten and primary school
€219,95 excl. tax
€266,14 incl. tax

Play Wall Puzzle

This qualitative play wall puzzle for your playcorner consists of a challenging wall play panel with a puzzle. Children must solve this game which features exciting wild animals in the jungle.
€319,95 excl. tax
€387,14 incl. tax

Play kitchen white

Kids are sure to love cooking up fun with this white play kitchen. The fresh white colour is great for fitting in with any décor. This vintage toy kitchen has doors that open and close, knobs that click and turn and plenty of convenient storage space.
€199,95 excl. tax
€241,94 incl. tax

Play kitchen red

This cool play kitchen features a vibrant red colour and imaginative details sure to impress children. This kitchen is characterized by a really lovely vintage design and it has everything kids need to play hours of fun! Perfect for both boys and girls.
€199,95 excl. tax
€241,94 incl. tax

Brio wooden train table

Brio wooden train table set deluxe. Complete wooden railway system train table with belonging wooden train set. Delivered in UK and Ireland with the original Brio trains as well as an indestructible frame.
€599,50 excl. tax
€725,40 incl. tax

Children's Play Desk

This children's play desk is the ultimate solution for your kids corner. This wooden children's desk offers ample opportunities and comes with a stool. Under the desk a vast storage space is present which accommodates toys and all other play materials.
€149,95 excl. tax
€181,44 incl. tax

Play Desk for Kids

Wooden play desk for kids. If you have not much space at your disposal, you can still offer a compact play corner to at least 2 kids. This Play Desk is characterised by a practical storage solution under the table top. With this desk you receive 2 stools.
€219,95 excl. tax
€266,14 incl. tax

Toy Storage Table

Unique toy storage table with 2 desks. Once unfolded, a huge storage space becomes available that can accommodate all toys. The table comes with two benches in the same design and beautiful blank colour. Now kids can store all of their play materials.
€525,00 excl. tax
€635,25 incl. tax

Play kitchen pink

Modern play with a vintage vibe pink play kitchen! This wooden toy kitchen is equipped with an oven, cabinet, freezer, refrigerator and microwave. Includes many built-in accessories. This pink kitchen set is also available in a red and white colour finish
€199,95 excl. tax
€241,94 incl. tax

Big play kitchen multi color

Beautiful multi-coloured big play kitchen set for boys and girls in pink, orange and blue. With cheerfully striped back wall and fun interactive details such as turning knobs and opening doors. This unique kitchen is also available in soft pastel colours
€249,95 excl. tax
€302,44 incl. tax

Imaginative play toys - toys that encourage imaginative play

Preschoolers really enjoy role-playing. In the play corner, children can reenact events from everyday life using imaginative play toys or role play furniture. An example is the kitchen corner. In this thematic corner, children learn how to prepare food, prepare things, go shopping, make up their own meal and finally eat together at the table. Playful learning with imaginative play toys is a good way for children to develop in many areas: motor skills, social skills, dealing with materials.

Imaginative play toys  for 2, 3 years old

Imagination toys for 2,3-year-olds are very important for toddlers' development. Through play, toddlers learn to express certain emotions but also to reenact everyday situations. Toddlers love to cook in a play kitchen and enjoy playing a puzzle together in the play corner. The doll corner is also popular with this age group. With the educational doll set, they can learn all about the family and different professions. With the educational imaginative play toys from Kinderspell, they can play endlessly. The full range of imaginative play toys for 2 and 3year olds can be found above.

Toys that promote imaginative play 4 and 5 years

Through play, preschoolers gain knowledge and learn new skills through play. Playful learning means that children can learn something through play or imaginary-play. Toddlers learn especially by playing and discovering together a lot. Children like to play in the play corner. 4 and 5-year-olds often play in different themed corners, such as the home corner, the construction corner and the reading corner. Different materials are available for each play corner. Kinderspell has an extensive range of imaginary play toys for toddlers at school.

What is imaginary play?

Children reenact everyday life, they play, cook, do housework, do shopping etc. This way of learning through play promotes:

  • the social-emotional development of toddlers, preschoolers : role play father, mother etc.
  • creative thinking and imagination
  • conflict resolution
  • independence and self-confidence