LEGO Play Table

A LEGO Play Table excels in safety, quality, design and durability. They have become world famous over the last few decades and by now practically anybody is familiar with them. Below you find our complete LEGO play table range: the LEGO Education three seat play table and other original play tables for use in both public and private play areas.
A LEGO play table is extremely solid: the used materials are highly durable which allows your investment to benefit from the very first day, year after year. Depending on your choice of bricks, all tables can be used as DUPLO or LEGO play table. Whatever your choice, the kids will be grateful!

Lego Table with chairs

Very sturdy Lego play table with four matching chairs. Supplied with a large pack of DUPLO® building blocks (or LEGO® building blocks if preferred). The middle of the table features a handy storage box for tidy storage of all of the blocks.


DUPLO Play Table

This practical DUPLO play table with storage compartment has been designed for use by preschoolers and in daycare centers, primary schools and public play areas. Including an assortment of 144 LEGO® DUPLO® building bricks.


LEGO DUPLO Table with 4 seats

An attractive and gaily coloured set! Four strong and sturdy pouffes around an original LEGO DUPLO Table. A play area where any child would like to play. Also comes with a large selection of DUPLO® bricks.


LEGO DUPLO Table with chairs

This LEGO DUPLO Table comes as standard with 4 stools and a large pack of DUPLO bricks. In the middle of the play table is a storage compartment and a large LEGO baseplate on which the children can build to their hearts’ content. Top quality from Germany.


Lego Activity Table

Really handy, a table in which all the LEGO bricks can be stored together. When the two lids are opened, an enormous storage compartment is revealed. The table comes with 2 stools in the same attractive light wood.


Wooden Lego Table

This sturdy Lego Table in scaffold board look is made of durable solid wood and is suitable for 4 children. The matching benches are constructed from the same good timber. The neutral colouring means they fit in with any interior.


Lego Table extra large

Extra-large play table for Lego. Also available with two XL benches so that there is room for 6 children to play. In the middle of the table is an enormous storage compartment for the entire LEGO collection.


Round Lego Table

With this extremely robust round table, children can play for hours without interruption with LEGO bricks or other toys from the large storage compartment in the middle. The table comes with 4 matching seats so that the children’s corner is ready to use.


LEGO Table

This melamine LEGO Table offers many different kind of activities due to the reversible top. Children can choose to do construction activities at one side or engage into other (group) activities on the other.