Beads Play Wall

A beads play wall satisfy the highest safety demands for public play areas and waiting rooms since all frames, beads and play elements are fully integrated into the wall boards. The play walls are manufactuered from the best materials and are very easy to mount on any wall.

Since there are no loose elements or beads, your beads play wall is always ready to welcome new kids. Furthermore, your kids corner will always look neat and tidy.
You can either choose for a horizontal beads play wall or for vertical play walls depending on the availability of space.

Wall Play System

With this play wall system, children will easily spend many hours in your playcorner or waiting room. On this wall play panel they try to shape up correctly many different silhouettes and patterns.
€319,95 excl. tax
€387,14 incl. tax

Kids Wall Panel

Kids wall panel. Ideal for your waiting space or playcorner in case you have only limited space at your disposal. Children keep on playing with this highly qualitative kids wall panels.
€299,95 excl. tax
€362,94 incl. tax

Play Wall Puzzle

This qualitative play wall puzzle for your playcorner consists of a challenging wall play panel with a puzzle. Children must solve this game which features exciting wild animals in the jungle.
€319,95 excl. tax
€387,14 incl. tax

Kids Wall Game

This Kids wall game "four-in-a-row" and similar games. This wall play panel is perfect for waiting rooms and public playcorners. This Kidea panel can be easily mounted to any wall.
€299,95 excl. tax
€362,94 incl. tax

Wall mounted Toys

Professional wall mounted toys for waiting rooms, there are no loose parts or elements so your playcorner is always tidy.
€299,95 excl. tax
€362,94 incl. tax

Activity wall panel

Activity wall panel for all kidscorners with only very limited space. Children's activity wall panels occupy only a minimal part of your wall and yet provides a great deal of good fun. Delivery also in UK etc.
€249,95 excl. tax
€302,44 incl. tax

Wall mounted play panel

Wall mounted play panel Four in a Row. Educational wall mounted play equipment for kids corners. Children's wall mounted play panels are suitable for any play corner.
€199,95 excl. tax
€241,94 incl. tax

Activity wall board

Fascinating activity wall board for play area, playground and waiting room. This wooden activity play wall offers a great experience for kids of all ages.
€179,95 excl. tax
€217,74 incl. tax

Wall mounted game

Wall mounted game Roadrunner. Children will love this new range of wall mounted games. Made of high quality wood and perfect for waiting rooms, receptions, kids corners and play areas.
€169,95 excl. tax
€205,64 incl. tax