Activity tables kids

An activity table for kids needs to be extremely safe and solid in the first place. For this reason, we only carry the most qualitative models and makes within our assortment. Apart from quality, also its attractiveness is paramount. This is determined by the design and colour of the activity table as well as the available challenges and games that kids are looking for.

Activity tables come either with integrated seats or with loose stools/chairs. Also a choice exists for games that are anchored permanently to the table top or for (building) activities that can be initiated by kids on top of the table.

Child Play Table and Chairs

This top quality activity child table and chairs is characterised by two chairs which are neatly integrated in the framework of the table. Since The play table can be positioned towards any wall, it hardly occupies any space in your kids corner or pl...


Kids Play Table and Chairs

This colourful kids play table with chairs is made from top quality materials. It is equipped with 3 seats that are permanently fixed to the framework of the table. In the middle children find a practical storage bin.


Children Play Table and Chairs

This wonderfully designed 3-seater children play table and chairs can be efficiently placed against any wall of your play corner. In the middle of the table children will find their bricks or play materials in a practical storage bin.


Round wooden Play Table

This beautifully designed round wooden play table encourages children automatically to play together. Due to the round construction, the social interaction is optimally stimulated so the party will quickly start. This play furniture offers at least 6...


Round Play Table

This round play table offers room to 5 kids or toddlers. All chairs are seemlessly integrated in the furniture. In the middle of this round table two practical storage units are available for bricks, pencils, games and much more.


Kids Storage Table and Chairs

Kids just love this play table. At the moment you unfold the desk tops at both sides, children are being confronted with an unrivalled play world in which all their dreams come true.


Childrens wooden activity play table

This wooden activity play table with round bench is ideal for (young) children. Its attractive curved design fits well into practically any play corner or waiting space.


Magnetic Football Table

Magnetic football table. This children's magnetic play table is the perfect time filler for children. By means of homopolar magnets, kids must try to move their balls into the goal(s) of their opponent(s). Ideal for indoor playcenters, waiting rooms...


Wooden bead table

This Wooden bead Table will be your number one choice. No loose parts or separate play elements so your kids corner will be perfectly and efficiently organised.


Bench waiting room

This cheerful bench seat will definitely enrich any waiting room or kids corner. Children will sit most comfortably on these solid and durable benches with backrest.