Indoor kids corner furniture to equip waiting rooms, kindergartens, daycare centers, schools, retail outlets, restaurants, practices and other public areas

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Creating a lovely kids corner is child's play!

When fitting out a kids corner, it is necessary that all furniture and toys comply with the highest standards of safety and durability. This applies both to a small corner with a table or a large spacious playground with various types of furniture. KinderSpell® can, directly from stock, deliver a complete range of renowned brands that meet all possible safety requirements.

Buying from a professional ensures child-friendliness and solidity so that your investment will continue to pay off year in, year out and the kids will continue to have fun. Not only do all the products on our site meet these criteria, you will also find ideas that can help you to make a responsible choice. Other inspiring examples can be found on our blog pages.

Blogs with ideas for creating a modern kids corner

We regularly publish blogs on our site that concern the creating of indoor playgrounds as well as belonging activities. These include practical examples with tips and ideas from other companies and institutions that have created play environments for kids. From these ideas too, you can draw inspiration on how to create a trendsetting nook or learning corner with contemporary kids corner furniture. We also have a blog page available with tips from private individuals on how to create a corner at home, whether in the living room or bedroom.

Buy a fun kid's corner for child care with sturdy table and furniture

This website offers a full range of tables, desks, chairs and other furniture that are ideal for creating a fun and, above all, effective kids play area. Our products include everything from sturdy kid's tables to trendy and modern coloured play furniture, many of which can be combined in terms of colour and design to fit even better into your own interior or into a waiting room in a hospital or dentist practice. The KIDEA® chairs and activity play tables are an excellent example of how a professional installation can be realised. And if you would rather not have any loose play elements, our bead maze table range presents the best waiting room toys and games.

Not much room to play? Effective solutions!

Like no other, we know that not every company or institution has enough room for a full-blown playground. At home too, space is often at a premium. Fortunately we also have an effective solution for all those cases: a play wall only occupies a fraction of the space needed to entertain kids for hours. All you need is a section of wall against which the wallboard can be attached. Fun games and activities against the wall is something that kids never grow tired of, and all it takes is a small investment.

Play equipment and furniture made of untreated or scaffolding wood

Another emerging development in recent years is play equipment made of wood. This wooden furniture is generally made of natural or untreated wood, although rougher materials such as scaffolding wood and untreated pallet wood are also offered in some cases. One has to ask oneself, however, how suitable such rougher materials are for kids. While home use might not be a problem, we advise you to use treated materials and wood types as much as possible for applications within public spaces and indoor playgrounds.

Safe building blocks and educational balance toys

Once you have created a nook or learning corner in a day care center, primary school or in the living room at home, you must of course fit it out with toys. Again, the most important priority is that you choose safe and preferably educational toys. The first thing you might like to consider are the giant building blocks with which kids of all ages can play both indoors and outdoors. 

Finally we would like to draw your attention to our educational balance toys. Items that are carefully designed to challenge children’s physical limits. These products develop cognitive skills of growing-up children and encourage social interaction. They are characterised by a beautiful design, excellent quality and compliance with the highest safety standards. Timeless, sustainable and durable play materials that can be used both outdoors and indoors.

Buy online today - shipped out also today!

Our entire product range is available on stock so that we can deliver quickly in the U.K., Ireland, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. To individuals as well as companies and institutions. Browse at your leisure through our extensive website to compare and select the desired products. Also, check out the blogs for examples that may inspire you. Once you have made your final choice, you can easily order all desired items online. Creating a kid's corner will also be child's play for you!

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