Bikes and trikes Preschool Kindergarten Nursery Playground early years

Preschool bikes from the Jaalinus brand by Winther are the perfect outdoor play equipment for the playground of a daycare centre, playgroup, nursery or kindergarten. In addition, these super solid preschool bikes are also suitable for private use at home. These professional and super strong preschool bikes are specially designed for intensive use.The solid and safe construction guarantees years of fun. With these beautiful preschool playground bikes toddlers aged 2,3,4 can train their motor skills.

Small trike

On this small red trike, toddlers from 1½ years can already get to know cycling. This mini tricycle with pedals is very sturdy, solid and durable and specially designed for nurseries, day-care centres and pre-school institutions. For indoor and outdoor.
€179,95 excl. tax
€217,74 incl. tax

Chariot tricycle Firetruck

Strong und sturdy Firetruck tricycle with a step platform. For the real firemen in action. Specifically designed for children in primary schools and daycare institutions. Very solid with steel frame, long-lasting rubber tyres and a non-slip step board.
€359,95 excl. tax
€435,54 incl. tax


Tricycle taxi trike

This tandem trike for 2 children is specifically designed for preschools, primary schools, playgroups and after-school childcare. The tricycle taxi with 2 seats guarantees endless playtime fun, both indoors and outdoors. Very safe, sturdy and durable.
€312,50 €299,95 excl. tax
€378,13 €362,94 incl. tax

3 Wheel balance bike

This 3 wheel balance bike allows children to get their first cycling experience. This very solid tricycle balance bike is manufactured by Winther and very popular in nurseries and day care centres. Ideal for toddlers and children aged 1½ years and up.
€189,95 excl. tax
€229,84 incl. tax

Pedal trike medium

Super sturdy tricycle with pedals for children aged 3 to 6 years. Beautiful red pedal trike that is suitable for intensive use in schools and preschool institutions. For boys and girls indoors or outdoors on the schoolyard or on a playground.
€199,95 excl. tax
€241,94 incl. tax


2 Wheel kick scooter

Very solid and safe red kick scooter with two wheels for preschoolers and school-aged children. This push scooter is designed for kindergartens, (pre)schools and playgrounds. It is suitable for children from 3 years and older and made for intensive use.
€184,95 €169,95 excl. tax
€223,79 €205,64 incl. tax

Balance bicycle

Sturdy and solid children's balance bike for kids from 3 years of age. This professional balance bike Bikerunner is extremely strong, durable and specially designed for kindergartens, preschools and primary schools. Suitable for intensive use.
€184,95 excl. tax
€223,79 incl. tax

Gonge Go Go pedal racer

The Gonge GoGo pedal racer allows children to develop playfully balance, coordination and gross motor skills. This sturdy pedal walker provides fun and action for kids and is a perfect safe way to encourage movement. For indoor and outdoor use.
€67,50 excl. tax
€81,68 incl. tax

Gonge Floor Surfer

This Gonge Floor surfer rollerboard for children can be used for a large variety of activities, exercises, lesson plans, physical sensory therapy and much more. Provides lots of fun at home, school, gym, day-care center and kindergarten.
€87,50 excl. tax
€105,88 incl. tax

Toddler bikes for 2 year olds, 3 year olds and 4 year olds - Bicycles childcare

Kinderspell has a range of Preschool bikes from the Jaalinus brand, which was developed together with the company Winther for childcare. Winther has been the specialist in producing metal kindergarten bikes for many years. These toddler and preschool bikes are also suitable for the recreational sector and, of course, for at home, on the street or in the garden. In addition, a Jaalinus playground bike is an eye-catcher with its beautiful sleek red-black design.

Nursery and Preschool bike 2 years old - which toddler bike for 2 years old?

Which bike to buy for a 2-year-old toddler? And what are the main points to look out for? Which children's bike is the best choice for the daycare or nursery? For toddlers, a walking tricycle is the best entry-level bike. This toddler's bike is suitable for children from 1.5 years old. Next, the tricycle with pedals is the perfect nursery bike for toddlers from 2 years of age. At that age, children want a real bike with pedals!

Kindergarten en preschool bikes 3 years old

From around 3 years old, you can give your child a balance bike, teaching them to find their balance on a two-wheeled bike. But which preschool bike is best? In our range, we have several preschool trikes and bikes outside that are suitable for both boys and girls. A Jaalinus childcare bike have a very sturdy frame and a beautiful red and black design. The preschool bikes are both tough and sporty. As a childcare supplier, Kinderspell offers a wide range of bicycles for 3-year-old toddlers, from tricycles to balance bikes. With our range of nursery bikes, a good choice is quickly made.