Climbing Toys Wooden Montessori climbing frames for 1 year olds and older

Looking for an indoor climbing frame for children from 1 year olds or for older children? A wooden indoor climbing frame helps small children develop agility, coordination and motor skills. Montessori climbing toys are suitable for children aged 1 year, 2 years and older. The wooden indoor climbing frame is available in various shapes and arrangements. We also have wonderful Gonge climbing toys for children aged 2 years and older. Perfect for childcare, playgroup, primary school or for at home.

Gonge Mini Parkour

This Gonge Mini Parkour is a fun way for children to develop muscular strength, coordination and flexibility. Kids can crawl, climb, swing and jump along this exciting balancing and climbing toy. Ideal for toddlers, preschoolers and kids up to 8 yrs old
€319,95 excl. tax
€387,14 incl. tax

Gonge Suspension bridge set

The Balancing bridge / Hanging Plank consists of a stable plank suspended on two strong ropes, which can be mounted onto the the Gonge Mini Parkour. The Hanging Plank moves when stepped on, requiring concentration and balance.
€199,95 excl. tax
€241,94 incl. tax

Gonge Slide

Slide for toddlers and preschoolers. A niceaddition to the Gonge Mini Parcour. The set consists of 2 sturdy blue plastic blades that can be easily mounted to the Gonge play rack. This indoor slide for toddlers is perfect for daycare, nursery, preschool.
€179,95 excl. tax
€217,74 incl. tax

Pikler Frame

Pikler foldable climbing frame. With this montessori indoor climbing frame children train their motor skills and coordination, sense of balance and self-confidence in a fun way. This versatile Pikler frame is ideal for nurseries, schools or at home.
€149,95 excl. tax
€181,44 incl. tax

Pikler Climbing triangle

Wooden climbing triangle 3-in-1 with climbing net, climbing wall and climbing frame for toddlers and preschoolers. A 3 in1 montessori climber for sporty kids. This large Pikler climbing triangle is great for day care, toddler gym, schools and at home.
€269,95 excl. tax
€326,64 incl. tax

Pikler Climbing arch

Sturdy wooden climbing arch for children who like to climb! This indoor climbing arch can be used as both a climbing arch and a climbing arch rocker. With the Montessori climbing arch, children develop their motor skills, coordination and balance .
€119,95 excl. tax
€145,14 incl. tax

Pikler Climbing dome

On this climbing dome Dome, children can climb, crawl, hang and swing to train their sense of balance and hand-foot coordination. Playing on this wooden indoor climbing dome improves children's movement coordination and stimulates creativity.
€399,95 excl. tax
€483,94 incl. tax

Pikler Arch climber and slide

This climbing arch and slide 2-piece set is a versatile climbing set. The set consists of a wooden arch climber and a wooden slide board. One side of the board can be used as a slide and the other as a climbing ladder. Ideal for toddler gym !
€229,95 excl. tax
€278,24 incl. tax

Indoor climbing toys for 1 year olds and older kids

Toddlers love to climb and clamber. Indeed, climbing on a montessori climbing frame is a favourite activity of toddlers. While playing, they improve their gross motor skills, balance and coordination and learn to push limits. A wooden indoor climbing frame from Pikler is a versatile montessoir climber for toddlers from the age of 1. A wooden indoor climbing frame has several advantages. They come in many sizes and variants as well as being mutually compatible. The Pikler climbing toys come in many sizes and variants and are mutually compatible. So you can always create a new climbing course and have a new indoor climbing frame with new challenges.

Montessori climbing frame - Montessori climbing set

A Montessori climbing frame for toddlers and older children is based on Emmi Pikler's philosophy. With Montessori climbing toys children learn to stand, climb and keep their balance. Kinderspell sells different types of wooden indoor climbing frames. With the additional accessories, you can turn the Montessori climbing frame into a tent, a slide or a footbridge. With Montessori climbing toys children learn to discover their own creativity and agility at their own pace and in complete freedom. The Montessori climbing frame is very suitable for children from the age of 1 and is therefore also ideal for nurseries, playgroups and primary schools, but of course also for at home. Even the littlest ones can take their first steps on a wooden indoor climbing frame. 

Indoor climbing toys - Pikler play gym

Emmi Pikler was a Viennese paediatrician who thought it was important for children to play at their own pace and in complete freedom. A wooden indoor climbing frame develops children's freedom of movement and natural development. With climbing toys, toddlers and preschoolers can experiment on their own through open-ended play and test their creative limits. Each Pikler play gym frame is an exercise but also a puzzle at the same time. Children can try out for themselves how and where they can best climb, clamber, hang or stand. This independent and free play promotes self-confidence.


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