Gonge creative learning products

The Gonge® creative learning products motivate children to learn and to acquire new skills. It is the combination of play and movement that ignite learning. From our own experience we know that active children strengthen their cognitive and social skills, improve their motor development and build confidence. Gonge provides the products and the tools to help children develop while they play. Since every child is unique, the toys are designed to challenge children. By discovering their physical limits, kids develop skills whilst social interaction is encouraged.

Gonge River stones

A set of 6 Gonge river stones. These river stones are designed to improve balance and coordination. The aim is to jump from one stone to the next without touching the ground.


Gonge Hill tops

Five exciting hilltop stones will inspire children to jump onto different kinds of stones. Children can jump from one stone to the next. The brightly coloured hilltops are in different heights, allowing children to improve their gross motor skills.


Gonge Stepping stones value pack

Gonge stepping stones value pack.. This 11-piece stepping stones set promotes physical activity and active play. This set inspires your child to jump, stretch, climb, and balance for full-body exercise.


Gonge River landscape

This Gonge balance river landscape features 25 pieces that can be used in an endless variety of arrangements on the floor.


Gonge Build 'n Balance starter set

The Gonge Build'n'Balance starter set offers children an introduction to the world of balancing.
This Build 'n Balance Course Starter Set is great for challenging kids balance and coordination.


Gonge Build 'n Balance set Intermediate set

Gonge build n balance medium parcours. The Gonge Build'n'Balance Range is an exciting balancing system. With several levels of difficulty. This build'n'balance balance course provides children with a brilliant entrance into the world of balancing.



Gonge Company & A. Winther: the history

Since 1966 Gonge has been inspired by the needs of kindergardens and primary schools to create unique products to enhance learning through the development of fine and gross motoric skills. It was Karen Margrethe Gonge who started in that year, together with her husband, with producing small abacuses and similar educational toys. In 1971 a specific range of items was developed for kindergartens. In the eighties, the company turned from a pioneer into a market leader. By listening to teachers and educational professionals, Gonge grew rapidly and in 1984 they launched the famous ‘Tummelumsken’ which is a red spinning top and today still visible in the company logo. 

In 2010 Gonge merged with A. Winther, another family-owned Danish company specialised in top quality products for kindergartens and schools. Also Winther products are designed for "learning by moving" and stimulate the motoric skills of growing children. This perfect fit has led to the creation of an international company that serves more than 100 countries worldwide with emphasis on products that stimulate the development of children’s motor, cognitive and social skills through play and movement.


Toys and products - official website

Gonge products and educational toys inspire children to be physically active. All of the items help them to learn and to develop in creative ways. Gonge toys stimulate the cognitive, physical, emotional and social development of children. And additionally, they are good fun, durable and lasting. Children can build confidence by developing body and mind. The products help kids to do this while playing. And also later in life the toys can be used for training and rehabilitation. 
All Gonge items combine excellent quality with educational principles and the highest safety standards. That is why more and more institutions around the world use them on a daily basis. On our official website you can discover the Gonge products too. Learn more about this exciting equipment.


Gonge Europe and UK - shipments to all countries

Through the years, the Gonge products have found their way to many different customers:

  • daycare centers and kindergartens
  • schools
  • rehabilitation centers
  • families at home

We are happy to inform you that we sell all these items also to your country within Europe. Feel free to add any item to your cart and we will ship your oder the same working day. Since all items are always on stock, we will provide you with the best possible delivery experience.