• Gonge baby trampoline with handle
  • Gonge baby trampoline with handle

Gonge baby trampoline with handle

Baby trampoline with 2 handles for little kids and toddlers to practise trampoline jumping. For indoor and outdoor use. Small baby tampoline with focus on safety, including foam bars for extra stability.
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Age Indication: 1½ to 5 years
Dimensions: Jump height 14 cm, diameter 70 cm
Weight: 10.8 kg

Gonge® mini baby trampoline with handle bar

The Gonge Baby Trampoline is designed for small children and toddlers to practise trampoline jumping. This small baby trampoline with handles is so elastic that even small, light baby's and toddlers will experience the effect. The canvas is tensioned to ensure a springing effect is felt. This fun mini baby trampoline focuses on safety; the spring sheet is less than 15 cm above the floor and the metal frame and handles are covered to insure safety. This little trampoline includes 2 handles for added stability. The construction is particularly solid and the design combines practical function with ingenious simplicity.

Product details:

  • Age Range: 1½ to 5 years
  • Two foam handles
  • Spring sheet less than 15 cm above the floor
  • For children up to 20 kg
  • Frame height 65 cm
  • Canvas diameter 70 cm
  • Meets all ASTM safety standards
  • Handles are covered with foam for superior protection
  • Top quality from Denmark

Little trampoline for toddlers

This little trampoline is almost completely assembled on arrival at your location It is very easy to finish putting it together. Its use is intended for toddlers since the product is very safe, stable, and quiet to use! Very small children (18 months and older) can use it like a jungle gym at first. They climb right up on it and hold the padded bars. They winkle their feet back and forth with a big smile on the face. It's perfect for 2 year olds to sit on, climb on and off. Then they start jumping on the mini trampoline by holding the bars for support. Kids 3 year old love the bouncing effect as well and benefit instantly from aerobic exercises and sensory input. Most of the times they only need to catch one handle. Children from 4 years and older (up to 20 kg) can experience the jumping effects without holding the handle bars most of the time. This very durable mini baby trampoline is designed by Gonge in Denmark and truly represents top quality.

For further inspiration, watch the video below:

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Trampoline pour maternelle très satisfait

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