Outdoor Play Toys

Outdoor play toys are good for the physical health and physical development of children. And it's great fun to get outside with your toddlers, preschoolers and older kids. You need some good outdoor play equipment to keep all children engaged. Great news: there are many cool and educational outside play toys for daycare institutions, kindergartens, early childhood centres, primary schools and gyms. We are more than happy to present you here some of our best items.

Obstacle course set

Create an entire obstacle course with this versatile set. Twelve exciting pieces allow children to engage into activities such as limbo, jumping, tossing, and crawling. All pieces can be assembled in a variety of ways for endless activities.


Gross motor skills toys

With this exciting gross motor equipment, children build their own challenging course with multiple activities. Features 32 pieces including agility hoops, agility hurdles, rings and multi-function building blocks. Ideal for preschoolers and older kids.



Gonge Stepping stones value pack

This value set of Gonge stepping stones enables children of any age to develop their motor skills through play. The set consists of low and high balance stones, allowing both toddlers and older children to build their own pathways. Also in nordic colors!

€127,95 €121,95

Children's free standing punch bag

This children's free standing punch bag is made from top quality materials. The junior boxing bag with stand improves coordination and flexibility. It also helps with burning calories and venting stress. Constructed from quality and durable PVC materials.


Gonge Arches

Gonge arches set of 3. These balance boards for toddlers and kids can help teach balance while sitting, standing or moving. Provides lots of fun for children but can also be used for workouts and fitness. Or therapy for the elderly or disabled persons.


Gonge Build 'n Balance Advanced set

The Gonge Build and Balance Advanced obstacle set is an exciting and challenging balance system for children. Supports the children to improve their balance and coordination. Ideal in day care centres, primary schools, therapy practices, clinics and more.


Outdoor play toys for toddlers, preschoolers and primary school children

When we take toddlers and preschoolers outside, we empower the children to investigate and experiment through play experiences with peers. Our educational play toys and equipment for outside, support lifelong learning in young children. Both in child care institutions and in primary schools. It is important to offer children play toys for outdoor use because these enhance motor development,  promote problem-solving skills, develop social and emotional intelligence, improve concentration and instill creativity and imagination.

What makes a good outdoor toy for toddlers?

Experts agree that the outdoor play toys should encourage kids to get outside and be active. Outdoor toys to play need to engage children for more than a few minutes, otherwise kids will tend to come back inside. Open-ended play toys are ideal for outside, especially equipment that allows toddlers and preschoolers to step, jump, crawl and climb. Also make sure these items are age-appropriate and watch the youngest children when they are occupied with these toys. This is especially important with toddlers who may not know their own limits and are still mastering running, balancing and climbing. 

Educators and parents alike should always think about safety and durability when choosing toys and other resources for outside. Since many outdoor play toys are often stored outside, they are heavily exposed to wear and tear. Therefore they should be highly durable. Quality really does matter and will certainly pay off in the long run.

Outdoor play equipment and sport toys for gyms

Our play toys and resources support and stimulate outdoor play, sport and fitness. They provide outdoor activity for children of all ages. In order to make children develop, all the items on this page help to improve physical, cognitive, creative, and social/emotional skills. And everyone is invited: this play equipment and these sport toys are purposely created for all abilities and all ages.

Outdoor play and sport equipment gets a lot of wear and tear. So, we selected only the highest quality items to ensure that they last many, many years. For safety reasons, it is important to check the age indication for every item to make sure it matches the age of the preschoolers or pupils at school. Please contact us when you need more advice concerning the purchase of outdoor play toys for your school or institution.