Role Play kitchen set - Toy kitchens for toddlers and older children

Our role play kitchen collection is ideal for engaging children in role-play games in the classroom. Your kid’s imagination will have no limits with our exciting range of role play kitchen sets. Role play both at home or in the classroom, preschool, daycare or nursery setting is both fun and educational for children. Spending time on a role play kitchen set has been shown to teach useful life skills via imaginative play.

Large play kitchen - Large toy kitchen

Large children's kitchen. Large play kitchen in a corner arrangement. The corner kitchen is full of fun, interactive play features. The formuis and ice cube maker are illuminated and make sounds, and oven knobs turn and click.

Big play kitchen multi color

Beautiful multi-coloured big play kitchen set for boys and girls in pink, orange and blue. With cheerfully striped back wall and fun interactive details such as turning knobs and opening doors. For all little cooks!

Play kitchen with sounds and lights

A wooden Loft-style play kitchen with sounds and lights will surely appeal to both children and parents. Toy kitchen with 18 pieces of accessories, a farmhouse sink with light and running water sound, a “gas” cooktop with light and fire sound.

Play kitchen white

Kids are sure to love cooking up fun with this white play kitchen. The fresh white color is great for fitting in with any décor. This vintage white toy kitchen has doors that open and close, knobs that click and turn and plenty of convenient storage space

Play kitchen pink

Play kitchen pink. Modern play with a vintage vibe! Vintage-style wooden toy kitchen with oven, cabinet, freezer, refrigerator and microwave. Includes many built-in accessories. This pink kitchen set is also available in red and white.

Play kitchen red

This cool red play kitchen features a vibrant red colour and imaginative details sure to impress children. This red play kitchen is characterized by a really lovely design and it has everything kids need to play hours of fun!

Role play kitchen for daycare, nursery, classroom

A Children's role play kitchen is a timeless favourite in the nursery, daycare or classroom. Toy play kitchens offer toddlers and older children long-lasting entertainment and fun. The advantage of a role play kitchen is that children can learn everyday skills like working and cooking in the kitchen and using kitchen appliances and accessories. A role play kitchen is great for both boys and girls and completes any home, classroom, preschool, or daycare playroom.

Role-play toys - dramatic role play area

Children love role-play toys like play kitchen sets. Kinderspell has selected a range of role play kitchens so children can play and cook. The dramatic play area, or home corner,  is an important area of the classroom or playroom. The dramatic play area supports both individual and cooperative play. Children may imitate cooking sequences they have seen at home. Role play toys are important for young children, these toys help children to foster and develop a number of essential skills necessary for life.

Kitchen role play area ideas

If you already have a play kitchen center in your classroom or home corner then you are already half way there. This is one of the main items that will help you with your dramatic play area.