News concerning Kids Play Corners and Educational Toys

Kids corner - large activity wall for demarcation

Early May we launch a huge play wall which is the ideal product for any play area. It represents a complete kids corner that can also be used as a fantastic demarcation wall in your showroom or waiting area. The product consists of 3 double-sided panels. On all 6 sides children encounter challenging and joyfull activities so nobody needs to be bored anymore.

This kids corner is extremely stable and solid as a rock. It can be positioned in 2 different ways:
- in length with the 3 panels in a row (see small picture)
- in a circle with 3 spokes from the centre (big picture)

In the blue section a complete bead maze table is integrated on which kids can play from both sides. At the counter in the yellow panel children can play "grocery store". In this yellow section kids find also many beads activities and 2 laughing mirrors.  In the red panel 2 drawing boards are present including special pens and an eraser. Finally a crawling pass-through is available for small children and toddlers. 
This very special kids corner represents top-notch quality and can be ordered as of today on our special product page.

Brio Play Table - new compact model

This spring we have been launching a completely new Brio Play Table. It concerns a compact model that undoubtedly will fit into any kids corner or waiting room. Yet it is very complete and suitable for 2 to 4 children. The set consists of a solid base on which the colourful plate is positioned. With help of the rim, trains and other play elements will not fall off the table. Moreover, most accessories are permamently fixed to the plate which means that your play corner will always look neat and tidy.

This Brio play table is very complete and detailed. In addition to the trains and wagons, you will find many other interesting play elements like a railway bridge, station, terminal, crane (to load and unload the wagons), signal post, a lorry and several other appealing accessories. 
This Brio play table is for sale as of now. Please visit our detailed product page for all the information.

Play tower system with 3 modules

This spring we start of well with the introduction of a brand new indoor play system. This colourful play unit consists of 3 ifferent play modules that are integrated within a tower system. You can position this tower system anywhere in your play corner or waiting room.

This play system is extraordinary stable and does not have any loose elements. The advantage is that your kids corner is always clean and tidy and that you offer children a 100% safe play environment. The play modules contains 3 different games that children can play alone or together with others: a “road-runner” wall, a “zig-zag” play wall and a four-in-a-row" unit.
Would you like to learn more about this highly attractive play tower system? Please visit our detailed product page or contact us directly.


Also for 2015 LEGO Education has managed to launch a certain number of novelties of which the LEGO DUPLO Math Train will be most appealing to young children. Around the popular “train transportation” theme, kids will be playfullty introduced to the world of numbers, counting, additions, deductions and other early arithmetics.

This LEGO DUPLO Train contains, among other things, a crane to load and unload the numbered bricks. In doing so, counting becomes an easy and highly pleasant exercise for children aged 2 – 6 years. For this reason, the DUPLO Train is ideal for daycare centres and the first 2 classes of primary schools.
For more information and orders, we recommend you to visit our detailed product page.

Toy Storage Play Table

As of this new calendar year, the big play table with storage for 6 kids is now also available in a slightly more compact model for 4 children. Despite a considerable price advantage, its capabilities remain impressive. Under the two play desks you find a storage capacity of 33.5 litres: more than enough to accomodate your complete DUPLO and LEGO collection. Or to store all your toys and handcraft materials.

This toy storage play table comes with two belonging wooden benches either with or without storage function. In case you opt for the benches with storage function, you acuire a huge amount of additional storage space for toys and play materials. Everything always neatly stowed away.
Feel free to visit our product page mentioned above for more details about this exciting play furniture. You can order your set right away.


DUPLO Community People

A true 2015 novelty already available now: the LEGO DUPLO Community People set new style! This new product features again 20 characteristic DUPLO figures, but now extended with a real wheel chair which allows grand father to stay mobile as well. Most DUPLO minifigures represent many different professions and social roles.

These community people from LEGO Education are ideal for therapy applications. Known among therapy professionals as the “DUPLO Figures Therapy”: by means of the methodology “an additional language”, these therapists concentrate on visualising internal and external realities. With help of the DUPLO Community People (art 45010), the problem of the client is made visible and the internal dialogue is stimulated.
For more information and orders, we kindly invite you to visite our detailed product page.

LEGO DUPLO Large Farm Set

The classic DUPLO Farm set from LEGO Education has arrived in a new version which is the largest ever with no less than 154 play elements. Everything that kids would like to know about a farm is present in this highly detailed learning product.

In this great set you find, among other things, two farm buildings and an animal shelter, a tractor a milk truck, conveyor belt, cows, sheep, pigs, a goat, a cat, a dog and other special elements like fences, farm implements, hayforks, feed troughs and many more.
This large LEGO DUPLO Fram set represents an educational play set especially designed for equipping day care centers and other early childhood institutions. It is delivered with a sturdy LEGO storage box and one page of teacher materials featuring inspiration, tips and ideas. Please visit our product page for all details.

Classic 5-seater round kids play table back in assortment

Many of you have asked us over the past few years to bring back a classic 5-seater play table into our assortment. Therefore it is our pleasure to inform you that this month we have succeeded doing so.

This new round play table possesses many strong assets. The 5 seats are for instance integrated within the furniture so stools and chairs will never linger around. Furthermore, this table is characterised by round forms and shapes so children can never hurt themselves during play time. Its 5 bright colours signal immediately where the kids corner is situated. And in the middle of the table two very practical containers are located: a small one for pencils, pens, markers etc and a bigger one for play elements, colour books, drawings, legos etc..
Additionally you receive with this table also 75 CLICS building blocks as well as 4 colour books. Finally it is worth mentioning that the kids play table is provided with anti-slip pads in the legs which gurantees that your play corner will always remain in good order.

DUPLO Dolls with free LEGO Storage Box

Exactly 10 years ago LEGO Education launched the LEGO DUPLO Dolls into the market. Since then more than a million sets have been sold worldwide to daycare centers, nurseries, kindergartens, after-school institutions as well as many conscious consumers who have invested in an unique and educationally sound play set.

With the LEGO DUPLO Dolls you procure a particularly attractive piece of educational toy tailored to the needs of both girls and boys within the age group of 2 to 6 years.
To celebrate this joyful event and anniversary we have a nice gift for you during the whole of September: every set ordered will be delivered with a highly practical LEGO Storage Box with lid (free-of-charge). So after playing, you can easily store the DUPLO Dolls free from any dust.
Quickly browse our product page for all details concerning this great promotion.

Kids wall panel Labyrinth

Also this summer season we have succeeded to present you a true novelty: a kids wall panel shaped into a fascinating labyrinth. A top quality play system that can be mounted to any free wall space. In case you would like to equip your waiting room or play corner, then this kids wall panel is an extremely smart choice.

With this wall panel you dispose of an attractive play corner and at the same time also a 100% safe and tidy play room. Due to the fact that all play elements are anchored into the module, there will be no loose bricks or elements on the floor anymore.
With this play wall children discover the 4 main continents. On their way across these, they need to help their play figure finding the way back home. For all details we advise you to visit the relevant product page in question.

Kids play furniture with free KAPLA wooden planks

In June we are happy to announce a very interesting promotion. This month our popular “JunkTrunk” kids play furniture is exclusively supplied with a free KAPLA set including 200 wooden planks (worth € 39,95 excl. VAT). This great play furniture is perfectly suitable for equipping public play corners, waiting rooms, primary schools, after school institutions, etc..

JunkTrunk® kids furniture consists of top quality wooden tables, benches, chairs and stools. All are characterised by an unique patented storage system which guarantees that all toys, bricks and play materials are always within reach, yet out of sight when the top folds down.
You receive the free KAPLA set with the following Junk Trunk play tables:
- Children's play table with storage incl 2 benches (€ 499.95 excl. VAT)
- Kids play table square with storage incl. 2 benches (€ 459.95 excl. VAT)
- Kids wooden play table round incl. 4 stools (€ 429.95 excl. VAT)
- Toy storage table incl. 2 benches (€ 375.00 excl. VAT)
- Kids storage table incl. 2 chairs (€ 269.95 excl. VAT)

This promotion is valid until June 30th.

Activity Bead Table - Play Wall combination

This spring time we launch an unique combination of an activity beads table and play wall. With this versatile product you have the choice what to offer the kids in your play corner or waiting room: an exciting bead maze table with many loopings, frames and challenges or a great activity play wall that will keep children's interest for many, many hours.

It will be clear by now that you acquire a huge amount of flexibility with this professional play area item. Depending on the available space and your local setup, you offer the kids a perfect time filler. It does not matter which option you choose: either way you dispose of a most solid and safe equipment, available at any point in time. And should you want to change your play corner or waiting room after a while, within 5 minutes you simply change the kids corner to your new needs.
In case you would like more information, please visit the relevant product page for all details and feel free to order this new item as of today.


In April the spots are all on the brand new LEGO DUPLO StoryTales set which recently has been developed by LEGO Education for day care centers and other pre-school institutions. This great educational toy set enhances role play and supports children to tell and retell stories and experiences within small groups.

The DUPLO Storytales set accomodates numerous special ellements in many different styles that immediately set the scene. The colourful backdrops are placed as a background and come into 10 different themes and scenarios. Kids find themselves back into the desired setting and the story can start right away. Also tips and tricks are included for the pre-school teacher.
Have we triggered your interest? If so, please visit the relevant product page for more information. Of course you can also directly add this fantastic product to your cart.

Indoor play system

For play corners and waiting areas that aim to address a large age group of children, we have now added an unique indoor play system. This concerns an independant play unit at which kids can play at both sides. At the front side, a puzzle module has been integrated for the slightly younger children (2 - 7 yrs.) whilst the more grown-ups (6 - 12 yrs) will be more than triggered by the "4-in-a-row" game at the backside. 

Despite its heavy stable foot, this play unit can be replaced quite easily within your kids corner or waiting room. All play elements are anchored within the wall modules which guarantees a safe and tidy play corner.
Only this month we offer you freight-free delivery. Please feel free to visit our poduct page first in order to add this fantastic item to your cart. During the ordering process you can use following discount code: TOTEM (shipping costs will be deducted automatically at step 4 of the ordering process).


LEGO Education has launched this month the LEGO DUPLO Café set that helps children to develop their understanding concerning money, trade, rules and social roles. With this theme set kids playfully gain -by means of role play- valuable insights related to numbers, shapes, colours, counting and compositions.

The LEGO DUPLO Cafe set is composed around the menu card and 5 inspirational recipe cards that show the children how the meals will look like in terms of composition and combinations. Among the special DUPLO bricks, also "real" money coins are included as well as various dishes like tapas, ice creams and other delicacies. All the DUPLO elements come in bright and attractive colours.
You can order the LEGO DUPLO Café as of today on our detailed product page. Furthermore, you receive a sturdy LEGO Storage Box (with lid) without any charge.

New play table for LEGO and DUPLO

We start this new year swiftly with the launch of a brand new play table for LEGO and DUPLO. It concerns an ingenious design wchich allows all building bricks to be stored behind the table rim. Consequently the bricks are always within reach for all children and simply cannot fall of this table.  

In the middle of the table a partticularly large LEGO building plate is placed that accomodates both LEGO and DUPLO bricks. The play table has been manufactured from high quality beech-wood and treated with an environmentally friendly wax on water basis. Top quality from Germany!
You can order this wonderful play table as of January 15th in three different models: first as a loose play table (including 144 LEGO DUPLO bricks!), then as a complete table including 4 colourful stools and finally as a table including 4 vari-coloured foam-seats.

2 Santas free-of-charge with DUPLO Toolo set

December is gift time. Therefore you receive now 2 LEGO Santas free-of-charge with your order for the LEGO DUPLO Toolo set. This Tech Machines set is meant for kids aged 3½ years and older and represents an ideal introduction to early science and technology.

The set contains special technical DUPLO bricks with integrated screws as well as other technical elements like hooks, scoops, reels and 4 screwdrivers. For inspiration we have included 2 inbox activity cards and a small booklet for a smooth startup. The whole set is delivered in a sturdy LEGO storage box with lid. Check out our detailed product page for more information and to add this great set to your cart.

Brio train table promotion - save € 150.00 !

In case you are on the watch-out for a marvelous train table, then you have found the best deal already. In November we have priced this original Brio train table set temporarily € 150.00 lower. This train table consists of a solid base, a decorative and colourful base plate as well as a complete Brio railway circuit. Of course supplied with all trains, rails, waggons, railway tunnel, and many other accessories.

But that is not all. This Brio train table set is interactive. You can hear for example the engine of the locomotive and when the train passes the tunnel, a special sound echo can be observed. On the train station platform you hear the well known railway sound signals and when the train enters the workshop, the lights start flashing.

Quickly visit our product page with all details about this product and promotion in question.

LEGO Table and Chairs - exclusive set

This month we have a particularly interesting and exclusive LEGO play table set available. It concerns a limited edition of the big multi play table which is now being delivered with 2 LEGO stools and 2 LEGO chairs. It goes without saying that all components are in the same attractive danish design and colours.

Kids will find 2 big LEGO building plates on which they can play and build with DUPLO blocks and/or LEGO bricks alike. And after play time, these blocks automatically disappear in the two yellow bins located at both sides of the play table. This exclusive play set is now for sale including 2 original LEGO chairs and 2 LEGO stools. You save € 129.95 compared to the purchase of the individual items. Please visit our product page for further details.

Kids Wall Games

In equiping public play corners or waiting roooms, it is highly practical to install play attributes that do not contain any loose parts and yet occupy only a limited amount of space.  For that reason we are delighted to present you as of September different kinds of kids wall games.

Already available is the wall game "4-in-a-row" featuring above. Kids in your waiting room or children's area play this extremely popular game each with their own colour. The elements must be lined up either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. This represents lasting fun and entertainment for your small guests and yet it is 100% safe in use.
Do not forget to visit our product page for all details and specifications of this great kids wall panel. And in case you share our enthousiasm, you can immediately add this item to your shopping cart. Delivery within 4 working days.

Play table for children with 3 integrated seats

Even in these summer months we have ample news. End od July, for xample, we will add a completely new play table for 3 kids to our assortment. It concerns a model with 3 integrated seats so your play corner or waiting room will automatically be kept tidy and organised.

Withhout any doubt we can state that this kids play table with chairs is an absolute top quality product: all parts are seemlessly integrated and are made from the best materials. Not only the seats and framework but even the storage container in the middle which you can fill with any kind of building blocks, booklets, pencils etc..

This particularly colourful play table represents a true paradise for children. It can be ordered as of today and the first deliveries will go out end of July. Please visit our product page for more details about this great novelty.

Kids storage bench

This sturdy and highly solid bench is spacious enough to accomodate 3 children at the same time. Moreover, it disposes of a very practical storage unit beneath.

Below the seat of this storage bench, kids will find a particularly practical storage unit, large enough to hide away all their toys, books and other play materials. Therefore this large bench can be used, among other things, as a school bench or being used in after school institutions, in youth homes, school canteens or just at home in a kids or play room.
This kids storage bench is a top quality product characterised by a splendid finish. Its maximum load capacity exceeds 500 kilograms. It fits needless with the 6-seater play table within our kids play furniture assortment. This sturdy bench is ideal for children in the 4 - 12 years age group.
During the launch of this product you receive temporarily € 35,00 discount during this month. Click here to order this great storage bench.

Pre-announcement Play Panels Kids “Totem”

As per early June, we shall extend our assortment of play furniture further with an unique indoor play system for your kids corner. It concerns an extremely solid and qualitative piece of furniture in which two play modules have been integrated at both sides.
The frontside features a play module in which a complete puzzle has been integrated around an “ocean” theme: kids within the 2 – 6 yrs age group try to bring alive a complete fish which requires a lot of their eye-hand-coordination and insight for patterns/shapes.

The backside features a “4-in-a-row” module for the slightly older kids (6-12 yrs). They will try to beat their opponent in realising horizontally, vertically or diagonally the desired red or yellow sequence.
Despite its weight (22 kg), this indoor play system can be moved around to any desired location within your play corner or waiting room. Available as per today.

DUPLO Creative Inspirational Cards

As you undoubtedly know, the LEGO Education products have been developed to help young children in daycare centers and primary schools to enhance their creative skills without stipulating exactly step-by-step and in advance what the end result should be.
Basically any result is fine. What matters is the followed path. However, for very young children in nurseries and daycare centers, it is sometimes very supportive to dispose of attractive inspirational material which shows them the way to some very nice DUPLO creations.
LEGO Education cards 

These LEGO Education cards can be used in combination with any existing DUPLO collection. With a minimal investment you will dispose of highly responsable educational toys that help children discover their hidden talents.

Magnetic Football Play Table

This month we have the pleasure to present a highly unique play table that we have spotted on the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg (Germany). This magnetic table is based on the very popular football theme which will undoubtedly attract quickly both girsl and boys to your kids area or waiting space. With the aid of the magnetic pencils, children try to get their balls in one of the goals of their opponent(s). This ,however, is being challenged by the other player(s), several obstacles and the fact that pencils and play elements dispose of opposite poles.

All play elements are locked up within the integrated play system. Even the 4 magnetic pencils are firmly connected to the table by means of a strong nylon cord. A total safe and practical piece of play furniture for your kids corner or waiting room. For more information we refer you to the product page in question.

LEGO Education Build To Express

Children have all sorts of theories about how the world works. What they don’t always have is the ability to express these thoughts. Or the opportunity to express what they truly think – and feel – about themselves and each other. That is exactly what LEGO® Education BuildToExpress offers them. It’s a genuinely creative teaching aid that enables all your students to communicate as equals, in an inclusive, non-judgmental and highly-motivational environment. Everyone gets involved and takes an active role in the learning process, transforming you, the teacher, into a true hands-on facilitator.
LEGO Education Build to ExpressLEGO Education BuildToExpress uses carefully selected LEGO elements within a unique, curriculum based, ‘Build and Share’ context. It ensures that every student is given the opportunity to be active, engaged and heard.


You might already have noticed that we are also present since some time on Pinterest; the fast growing digital medium where you pin your own photographs and gather cute pictures from others that can be shared with your business partners, relations and friends.
Have you become curious? Surf quickly to our Pinterest boards. Here you will find dozens of ideas for your kids corner and bump into ample inspiration for sound educational toys (like from LEGO Education and other makes).

Pinterest Kinderspel
It goes without saying that you are invited to re-pin our pictures on your own boards. Feel also free to follow us. Do you have any ideas or suggestions yourself? Let us know and we shall start following you too.

DUPLO Creative Builder (2013 novelty)

In January 2013 we will launch this engaging and easily managed DUPLO set from LEGO Education which introduces plenty of easy-to-follow construction tasks. Children build with DUPLO® bricks and follow simple instructions, with four inbox double-sided activity cards and a couple of base stations providing many two- and three-dimensional challenges.

As well as developing an understanding of both 2D and 3D shapes, the set is designed to encourage storytelling and collaboration. It helps to develop the use of descriptive language and an understanding of different roles and emotions. You will find this exciting novelty as of mid January within the DUPLO Base Sets product category.

Facebook fan promotion

Are you already our friend on Facebook? If not, we really have some good news for you. On November 15th, we shall announce the winner of the LEGO Mindstorms Amusement Park set. This set belongs to the LEGO Education assortment and allows children to build and design amusement park attractions (like a haunted house, merry-go-round and others). With this elaborate set you also will receive a RCX (intelligent and programmable LEGO brick), sensors as well as the belonging software. With the software you can program the attractions and bring them fully to live.
Facebook LEGO Education
So quickly visit our Facebook page and like us. Don’t forget to share this promotion with all your friends! The winner of the set will be announced on our Facebook fan page (November 15th).

Brio Train Table Classic (model 2013)
Brio Sweden have redone their classic train table. And with success! As of this month, the 2013 model is already exclusively available through our website. The sturdy and solid white base has remained of course, but the base plate as well as the Brio trains and play elements have been renewed completely.
Brio Train TableOn the colourful base plate, you now find a harbour where cargo vessels can moor. A crane on the quay can effectively load onto and unload containers from the boat. Furthermore this play set is equipped with a new train station, two railway tunnels, a terminal, a bus station, several fly-overs and last but not least 3 totally new Brio trains: a freight train with waggons and cargo and two different kind of passenger trains with belonging compartments. Make the same rational choice as we do and choose the original wooden train table from Brio.

DUPLO Early Simple Machines

It goes without saying that within our modern society, technology is playing an increasingly more important role. For that reason we have added two new DUPLO Early Simple Machines sets to our assortment. These sets belong to the LEGO Education range and target the age groups 6 – 8 yrs within primary education.

In these sets you find, among other things, technical DUPLO elements like pulley wheels, moveable hooks on strings, gears, axles, levers etc.. with which kids playfully investigate popular themes like stability, energy, buoyancy, balance and more.
These exciting LEGO Education sets come with a practical storage solution and activity cards that quickly help kids to start up their first projects.

Kids Corner LEGO

We have utilised the summer months to prepare the launch of a brand new comprehensive LEGO play concept: a highly complete kids corner that addresses all needs and wishes of children 2 to 10 years old. Starting point for the development was our objective to provide an unique and safe play area which allows children to have a wonderful play experience. And of course with durable and learn-rich play materials that intrigue them without any interruption.
This has resulted in two superb playcorners: a version of 1.20 meter with an integrated play table for at least 4 kids and a larger version of 1.50 meter (including a table for 6 children). Nothing needs to be mounted or installed: just roll this LEGO kids corner to the desired location, lock the wheels, open the two side-panels and the party can start!
Kids Corner
This highly professional play corner represents top-notch quality and is ideal for installing kids corners in supermarkets, airports, retail stores, hospitals, waiting rooms, car dealers, shopping malls, after school institutions, and other public play areas. The applications are sheer endless. For more information, please consult the relevant product page.

LEGO Giant Base Set 4+ from LEGO Education
LEGO Education will launch this summer a brand new giant LEGO base set 4+ with which children explore community life and investigate roles and responibilities within their society. The following subjects, among others, are being addressed: transport, (durable) energy, amusement park, traffic, animal park, house constructions, swimming pool, city park, etc.. Since may new detailed LEGO bricks have been added to this LEGO Education set, youngsters can discuss and bring alive many different subjects and themes.

Due to the extremely large number of bricks (1,907 elements!), this educational LEGO set is very suitable for equipping the early classes of primary schools. The construction corner or play corner will be enriched instantaneously with this responsible construction material. This great LEGO Base Set is available as of today.

Wise Big Blocks Giant Building Bricks
Giant building bricks are the dream of every child. The unique part of these huge building blocks, however, is the soft material from which they have been made. Yet, the bricks are extremely suitable for construction and kids can build wonderful structures, models and figures.
These “Wise Big Blocks” have been already available in pastel shades (perfect for girls!) but as of today also for sale in the 4 primary colours of green, blue, yellow and red which boys will highly appreciate. These great giant building blocks can be purchased as a Starter Set (42 soft bricks) as well as a Twin Value Pack (84 soft blocks).

Soft Giant Building Bricks

Ideal for day care centers, public playcorners, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, waiting rooms etc..

News concerning Kids Play Corners and Educational Toys