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With this new DUPLO Cafe set (45004) from LEGO Education, children develop playfully their understanding of money, trade, social roles. The DUPLO cafe and restaurant set with grocery store forms the basis of further interaction.
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Age Indication: 2½ to 6 yrs.
Number of bricks/elements: 131

LEGO DUPLO Cafe and restaurant set

DUPLO Education 45004

This DUPLO Café set is a highly comprehensive theme set with which at least 4 children together develop their skills concerning numbers, forms, colours, additions and compositions. By means of roleplay, kids  learn how to order, to determine value, and to settle payments with "real" coins. This cafe set is part of the educational range and known as article 45004.

DUPLO cafe and restaurant with real coins and menu cards

The menu card as well as the inspirational cards show them the way. By means of the activity cards, children determine their preferences, trade off certain options and learn to make critical choices. All DUPLO cafe and restaurant elements like ingredients, dishes and delicacies come in attractive and bright colours. The DUPLO Café set is supplied in a sturdy storage box with lid and includes examples, a menu card and 5 inspirational cards.

Order DUPLO Cafe set online

On this page you can easily and swiftly buy the DUPLO Cafe set online. Learning values:
- varied roleplay for grocery shopping, kitchen activity, restaurant visit, etc..
- early maths, numbers, counting, additions
- understanding of trade, client, staff, boss, sales, etc..
- expression and social interaction

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