Giant Lego blocks from unique rubber/foam material

These giant rubber lego blocks are being manufactured from an unique soft and patented material. For this reason children can play 100% safely with these large lego blocks and build the greatest constructions.
In december 2018 LEGO® itself stopped manufacturing the LEGO Soft blocks but fortunately a new identical product is now available. These new giant rubber lego blocks are made of exactly the same material, have the same dimensions and are fully compatible with the former LEGO Education Soft blocks.

Giant building blocks 42 pcs

These giant bricks are ideal for toddlers, preschoolers and kids up to 7 years old. Due to the unique rubber-foam material, these 42 giant lego blocks are extremely safe. Yet they hold together very well and kids can build the greatest models!

Giant building blocks 84 pcs

This fantastic set of rubber-foam mega building blocks enables toddlers and preschoolers to build great constructions and other exciting creations. No less than 84 elements are at their disposal in various shapes, colours and sizes. Fun guaranteed!

Soft Bricks

This giant set includes 84 pieces and is fully compatible with the well-known LEGO Soft bricks (article 45003). These oversized large lego blocks are made from an unique rubber-foam material. Extremely safe for young children and toddlers.

Large lego blocks - suitable for indoor & outdoor play

These giant lego blocks are available in two different packs: a great value pack containing 84 large blocks (including mouth/eyes-elements) and a starter pack with 42 large blocks. The alternative LEGO Soft bricks can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities (e.g. in the garden. schoolyard, etc..). Moreover, these large rubber blocks do not contain phtalates or any other toxic materials so even the youngest children and toddlers can play 100% safely in your daycare center, waiting room, kindergarten, primary school, kids corner, etc..

Buy giant rubber lego blocks - delivered directly from stock

All sets of soft rubber blocks on our website have the same dimensions and can be eaily combined. You can easily buy them online and order them from our webshop. The building sets are for sale at very competitive prices. Especially the large value sets of 84 blocks (primary colours) and 100 blocks (nordic/pastel colours) come at very favourable prices. So with a relatively small investment, you buy a super durable product that will last for decades.

Large lego blocks for all ages - even adults and the elderly

These super-safe giant styrofoam lego blocks naturally appeal to all children: from baby, to toddler, preschooler and older children. But did you know that adults and parents also regularly build together with the children in the play corner? These large Lego-type building blocks are particularly suitable for building complete walls, a piece of furniture, a house and, of course, your own design or creation. Handy to use at fairs, festivals, for example. Ideal for companies and institutions. And even older people regularly use these rubber foam lego blocks as therapeutic play material in care centres, rest homes and occupational therapy.