LEGO Play Walls

LEGO's Play Walls take up only very little space and can be mounted easily on any wall. They are ideal in educational settings and waiting spaces since they offer a large group of children (3 - 12 years age range) a huge number of great building challenges and play opportunities.

The youngest children can play with DUPLO base bricks or the colourful mosaic tiles whilst the slightly older kids will amuse themselves with more complex literacy or numeracy challenges. You can procure the LEGO Play Walls as a value twin pack or as a single item. The play elements (like letters, numbers, mosaics, basic bricks) are to be bought separately.

LEGO Play Wall

The LEGO DUPLO Playwall is an ideal eye-catcher for your kidscorner. Depending on the age of the children visiting your premises, you can choose between different kind of DUPLO packs.