Store and showroom equipment with playground and furniture for children

Fitting out a store or equipping a showroom - for both children and their parents

When it comes to fitting out a shop or equipping a showroom, creating a kids’ corner is extremely important. As a retail expert, you will know that children do not generally share their parents’ interests. This means that there is a danger of customers or potential customers who have children with them leaving your retail outlet more quickly than they otherwise would.

equipping a showroom with a playground for children


Purchasing safe, responsibly selected play furniture for little ones

The toys and furniture we supply for equipping a shop or fitting out a showroom are manufactured by leading brands and are guaranteed safe. This means that you can concentrate on more important matters. As all of our products are extremely durable and require little or no maintenance, you can be sure that your investment will pay for itself for many years to come. All of the children’s store equipment and playground items in our range have been specially developed for use in public spaces and complies with the most stringent standards for toy and play equipment safety. This means that you can easily and safely buy all individual  items through our website with confidence.

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Tips on equipping a showroom or fitting out a store with toys for children

We have set out all the tips you need for fitting out a shop or other retail outlet below. Anyone equipping a showroom or fitting out a store for commercial success must make the visiting public the focus. Children are no exception to this rule. This is why we provide the following tips and recommendations:
  • select on the basis of the age of the children: fitting out a retail outlet for young children (toddlers and pre-schoolers) will involve different toys and different safety standards than when equipping a store or showroom for teenagers, for example
  • when purchasing both furniture and play equipment, make sure you take quality marks into account; either purchase only top brands (LEGO®, JunkTrunk®, KIDEA®, Kapla® etc., as offered through our website), or ask for certificates and attestations that prove in writing that play equipment or blocks meet the required standards (DIN, CE, TüV, etc.)
  • purchase furniture made of treated wood and that has round or rounded corners; this will eliminate the risk of any child hurting itself. Treated wood also ensures that the material retains its 100% natural appearance and that it will not discolour or swell up if any liquid is spilled on it
  • provide a sufficient amount of children’s play equipment; observe how many children are waiting to use the equipment on average, or how many children there are in the store, and make changes accordingly
  • provide young children with large, safe blocks (Kapla, Duplo or other large building blocks); children who are a little older will find smaller blocks (such as Lego and Knex) more challenging
  • finally, regularly inspect tables and chairs after purchasing. When a natural product such as wood is played with, it can start to warp and we therefore recommend carrying out a quick check on all of the fixing materials every three months. This will prolong the life of your investment and guarantee that children will be able to play in your store or showroom safely for many years to come

Examples - car showroom and toy store fittings

We have many examples of the best and most professional way to approach equipping a shop or fitting out other retail outlets. Whether the retail space is a fashion store, hairdressing salon, car showroom or toy shop makes no difference. In a car showroom, it doesn’t take much for a car to get scratched. That is why having a dedicated kids’ corner in which little ones can amuse themselves for a lengthy period of time makes good sense. You can then take your time to speak to the parents and provide them with good advice on any possible purchase.

fitting out a store with furniture and toys for children

Buy today means shipment will take place also today!

f you are active in the retail sector, it is always a good idea to take note of whether children regularly accompany parents who visit your retail outlet. If children are present at least once a day, investing in a kids’ corner will certainly be worthwhile. You can always start small and upgrade to a fully equipped playground that will keep kids entertained for hours once you discover how successful the investment has been. Whether you have a pop-up store, a factory outlet or a more traditional shop is immaterial.

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Fitting out your store or equipping your outlet or showroom need not be at all difficult. Even when space is at a premium, a small area can always be found for a table and two chairs. And if you really cannot find the space for that, you can always attach a puzzle or other play equipment to the wall. View our collection to find solutions for a whole range of requirements in all price ranges. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require more advice.
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