Children's play corner ideas for hospitality & leisure industry


Do you also work in the hospitality sector? If so, you probably know all too well how important it is to make everyone feel at their ease. This most certainly applies to children, as they often have the least patience and want to be entertained in their own way. In that case, it goes without saying that you should provide a children's play corner where the little ones can conveniently amuse themselves. Restaurants and hotels are the hospitality sector establishments most often visited by families, although children also regularly accompany their parents to the leisure sector (e.g. indoor playground) and public areas (e.g. library).

Wall mounted play panel

Wall mounted play panel Four in a Row. Educational wall mounted play equipment for kids corners. Children's wall mounted play panels are suitable for any play corner.
€199,95 excl. tax
€241,94 incl. tax

Building table for Lego

This very complete building table for Lego includes 200 building bricks, 3 integrated storage bins and 2 building plates. The play table offers endless construction possibilities, and the 360-degree play space allows multiple kids to play together.
€199,95 excl. tax
€241,94 incl. tax

Bench waiting room

This cheerful bench seat will definitely enrich any waiting room or kids corner. Children will sit most comfortably on these solid and durable benches with backrest.
€249,95 excl. tax
€302,44 incl. tax

Activity Train Table

This Activity Train Table is particularly complete: with this great piece of furniture you receive more than 100 play elements offering kids an incredible amount of variation in terms of activities and play value.
€299,95 excl. tax
€362,94 incl. tax

Brio Play Table

A Brio play table and train set puts a smile on children's face. With this completely new and compact table you acquire a masterpiece of kids furniture including display and frame, colourful base plate and of course the famous Brio trains...
€419,95 excl. tax
€508,14 incl. tax

Bead activity table

Wooden bead activity table with many colourful beads. This wire and bead frame and activity table is ideal for children and toddlers your playcorner. Delivery also in UK and Ireland.
€419,95 excl. tax
€508,14 incl. tax

Round wooden Play Table

This beautifully designed round wooden play table encourages children automatically to play together. Due to the round construction, the social interaction is optimally stimulated so the party will quickly start. This play furniture offers at least 6...
€450,00 excl. tax
€544,50 incl. tax

Table for lego with chairs

Very sturdy play table with four matching chairs. Supplied with a large pack of duplo building blocks or lego building blocks if preferred). The middle of the table features a handy storage box for tidy storage of all of the blocks.
€499,95 excl. tax
€604,94 incl. tax

Magnetic Play Table

Sturdy magnetic wooden play table for 2 to 4 children. By means of homopolar magnetic pens, kids must try to steal away the cheese pieces from their opponents. Ideal activity for indoor play centers, waiting rooms and indoor kids corners.
€569,95 excl. tax
€689,64 incl. tax

Children Play Table and Chairs

This wonderfully designed 3-seater children play table and chairs can be efficiently placed against any wall of your play corner. In the middle of the table children will find their bricks or play materials in a practical storage bin.
€599,95 excl. tax
€725,94 incl. tax

Indoor Play System

This highly qualitative indoor play system provides children entertainment and fun for many hours in your play corner or waiting room.. On both sides of this play furniture, kids find some very attractive games and puzzles.
€695,00 excl. tax
€840,95 incl. tax

Kids Play Table with Storage

Kids play table with storage which stimulates social interactivity. In the middle of this furniture, a huge container is provided that can store plenty of toys and learn materials. Included are 4 benches with a storage compartment under the seat.
€695,00 excl. tax
€840,95 incl. tax

Children's Play Table with Storage

Children's play table with large storage compartment. If unfolded, 2 big and sturdy play desks are available on top of which children can start all kind of play activities. Including 2 belonging benches that easily offer place to 6 children.
€699,95 excl. tax
€846,94 incl. tax

Table for lego duplo with 4 seats

An attractive and gaily coloured set! Four strong and sturdy pouffes around an Table for duplo. A play area where any child would like to play. Also comes with a large selection of DUPLO bricks.
€749,95 excl. tax
€907,44 incl. tax

Wooden bead activity table

Wooden bead activity table for kids corners or waiting space area. In this wooden activity table with beads both the seats and the loopings of the labyrinth are completely integrated in the frame.
€995,00 excl. tax
€1.203,95 incl. tax

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Play corner in a restaurant - lingering after dinner

If you run a restaurant, it is important that you encourage guests to linger as long as possible after dinner, and preferably order a few more drinks. As children easily lose patience in such circumstances, it is prudent to offer them a corner of their own, where they can play games with their peers. Quite a small play corner generally suffices in a restaurant, whereas a hotel would be better advised to set up its own playroom, which can then be equipped with a play table, play panels, soft building blocks and other games. Our website features a more than ample range of products that fit both in your play space and within your budget.


Children's play corner library or town hall

It is also essential that public buildings continue to devote attention to the professional reception of citizens. And this naturally includes children. Children regularly accompany parents to the library or the local Civil Affairs department. Saturdays and Wednesday afternoons can be particularly busy, as large numbers of children accompany their (grand) parents or childminders on a visit. On such occasions, failure to provide a play corner for children is a missed opportunity. And providing such facilities does not necessarily call for a major investment: something as simple as an instructive wall puzzle, for example, can work wonders. As a specialist in public children's play corners, KinderSpell® offers you appropriate sustainable and educational products.

kids table for a play corner in a library

Interior design of a children's play paradise or an indoor playground

Children are the focus of particular attention in the leisure industry. This calls for use of the safest and most child-friendly materials when setting up a children's play paradise or an indoor playground. Especially for this category, we have a highly appealing range of large soft building blocks made of rubbery material that are not only 100% safe, but also virtually silent in use. This is a major benefit, particularly in the case of indoor facilities.

Learn more about our giant soft bulding blocks