LEGO for Education

LEGO for Education addresses topics that appeal to children within the age group 5- 10 yrs. Examples of subjects are for instance space travel, architecture, transport, harbour, rescue services and many more.

LEGO for Education has special LEGO theme sets, supplied with full-colour activity cards that present the children ideas and building proposals to investigate specific subjects in further detail. Perfect for primary schools and after-school institutions.

LEGO® Education LEGO 9333 Vehicles

An exciting LEGO 9333 vehicles set for exploring a variety of vehicles, their functions and how they help keep the community on the move.


LEGO® Education LEGO 9335 Space Set

With this LEGO 9335 Space and airport set, children can investigate topics such as travel, air traffic control, space, aliens and communicating with others.


LEGO® Education LEGO 45022 Minifigures

No less than 21 detailed LEGO community minifigures (LEGO 45022-9348) will help you learn about a variety of professions and professionals. Add even more life and spice to your bustling LEGO collection!