LEGO Basic Sets

The LEGO basic sets from LEGO Education are safe for children 4 years and onwards. They are characterised by the presence of the classic LEGO bricks in many different colours, sizes and dimensions.
The smaller LEGO basic sets are ideal as a supplement for current collections whilst the large sets are excellent to equip primary school classes (key-stage 1 and 2) and after school institutions.

LEGO 45020 Basic Bricks

This LEGO basic bricks set 45020 contains no less than 1,000 bricks. Allows children to use their creative skills and make all sorts of life-like or imaginary figures, objects and buildings.


Wooden lego bricks

Wooden lego bricks 300 pieces in a coton bag. These new LEGO like wood bricks are a natural and eco-friendly alternative for plastic building bricks. This set includes 300 wooden lego bricks in 15 different sizes.