DUPLO Educational

The DUPLO educational supplementary sets are the vitamins for your existing DUPLO collection. In a simple and unexpensive way, you can vitalise your existing DUPLO sets with interesting items like mosaics, letters, numbers, minifigures, base plates and more.
These DUPLO educational sets are very valuable additions for daycare centers because the sets offer numerous new play opportunities and learnful building challenges for young children. 

LEGO Storage Box Large

Are you looking for a clean and neat playcorner or kindergarten? Then this big LEGO storage box (large) will be ideal for storing all LEGO and DUPLO bricks at the end of the day.


LEGO Education Storage Bins

These original LEGO Education storage bins come in a set of 6 pieces. The transparant lid allows you to store DUPLO and/or LEGO bricks free from any dust.