DUPLO Educational

The DUPLO educational supplementary sets are the vitamins for your existing DUPLO collection. In a simple and unexpensive way, you can vitalise your existing DUPLO sets with interesting items like mosaics, letters, numbers, minifigures, base plates and more.
These DUPLO educational sets are very valuable additions for daycare centers because the sets offer numerous new play opportunities and learnful building challenges for young children. 

DUPLO World People

DUPLO World People set (duplo 9222 or 45011). This LEGO DUPLO World family is an ideal supplement to any play theme and allows youngsters to recreate scenes that reflect today's multicultural society.


LEGO DUPLO Community People Set

This LEGO DUPLO Community People set from LEGO Education (9224 or 45010) includes 20 unique DUPLO characters full of personality and with important roles to play in society and our community.


Large DUPLO Base Plate

Two large DUPLO base plates 9071 - one red, one green - provide the perfect foundation for learning and play.


DUPLO Letters set

A versatile LEGO DUPLO letters set 9530 for helping children develop basic skills in early literacy, letter and sound recognition, fine motor skills and language skills. Playing a waiting game!


DUPLO Numbers Set

With loads of number and sign tiles, this big DUPLO numbers Set provides the perfect way for future mathematicians to get a head start on investigating numbers. The mosaic tiles also allow children to create countless patterns, forms, shapes and symm...