DUPLO Basic Set

A DUPLO basic set exists in several sorts and variants as far as the number and kind of DUPLO bricks are concerned. A DUPLO basic set lends itselves perfectly for equipping day care centers, kindergartens and other pre-school institutions.

The DUPLO basic set has special elements and figures and is virtually the vitamin to be added and they spice up existing collections. A DUPLO basic building set is suitable for children from 18 months up to 5 years.

DUPLO Building Blocks

This DUPLO building blocks set is a dream come true for children looking to explore their creative potential by building all sorts of environments and models. Features a wide palette of colours and bricks. The 240 bricks are delivered in a sturdy storage


DUPLO Build me Emotions

DUPLO Build me Emotions 45018. Explore emotions and physical characteristics while developing social skills and having lots of fun building a variety of LEGO Build Me “Emotions” characters


DUPLO Bulk Set

This extra large DUPLO bulk set 45028 with 480 pieces is a dream come true for children and toddlers. Buy LEGO DUPLO blocks in bulk online. A giant bulky set from DUPLO Education.