Pikler toys, materials and equipment

H ere you will find a wide range of Pikler toys, materials and equipment for daycare, preschool, primary school or creche. All Emmi Pikler toys and materials are designed to be used safely and stably with other Pikler gym elements. The Pikler toys can be combined in many ways. So you can easily create a dynamic indoor playground for small children.

Pikler Climbing arch

Sturdy wooden climbing arch for children who like to climb! This indoor climbing arch can be used as both a climbing arch and a climbing arch rocker. With the Montessori climbing arch, children develop their motor skills, coordination and balance .
€119,95 excl. tax
€145,14 incl. tax

Pikler Frame

Pikler foldable climbing frame. With this montessori indoor climbing frame children train their motor skills and coordination, sense of balance and self-confidence in a fun way. This versatile Pikler frame is ideal for nurseries, schools or at home.
€149,95 excl. tax
€181,44 incl. tax

Pikler Arch climber and slide

This climbing arch and slide 2-piece set is a versatile climbing set. The set consists of a wooden arch climber and a wooden slide board. One side of the board can be used as a slide and the other as a climbing ladder. Ideal for toddler gym !
€229,95 excl. tax
€278,24 incl. tax

Pikler Climbing triangle

Wooden climbing triangle 3-in-1 with climbing net, climbing wall and climbing frame for toddlers and preschoolers. A 3 in1 montessori climber for sporty kids. This large Pikler climbing triangle is great for day care, toddler gym, schools and at home.
€269,95 excl. tax
€326,64 incl. tax

Pikler Climbing dome

On this climbing dome Dome, children can climb, crawl, hang and swing to train their sense of balance and hand-foot coordination. Playing on this wooden indoor climbing dome improves children's movement coordination and stimulates creativity.
€399,95 excl. tax
€483,94 incl. tax

Who is Emmi Pikler - Pikler Method

Dr Emmi Pikler (1902 - 1984) was a Hungarian paediatrician who pioneered and applied new approaches to early childhood education - in particular, the concept of free movement development is associated with her name.

The Emmi Pikler method assumes that every child can and should learn their specific movement type independently, on their own. Emmi Pikler saw that children do not need encouragement or special support for this, but that attentive adult guidance and a safe and child-friendly environment are prerequisites for the child's healthy development.

Emmi Pikler pedagogy is based on the premise that if the child can discover himself and his environment in his own way, he will develop in a healthy way. This early experience of independent learning also strengthens the child for all future tasks. The Emmi Pikler materials support this process. Emmi Pikler was asked to lead the children's home Loczy in Budapest. Here she decided to apply her method by conducting scientific research on the interaction between child and caregiver in children's home Loczy.

Emmi Pikler pedagogy

Emmi Pikler pedagogy is based on the following concept: "It is essential for the child to discover as many things as possible on their own". If we help them solve all tasks, we deprive them of precisely what is most important for their intellectual development. A child who achieves something through independent experimentation acquires a very different kind of knowledge from a child who is handed the solution ready-made."

Pikler toys, materials and equipment

The PIKLER equipment is protected worldwide by the Pikler Institute in Budapest for equipment production and training. Kinderspel is supplier of the original Pikler material in the Netherlands and Belgium.
Our Pikler toys consists of various Pikler gym equipment that can be used on their own or combined. We offer Pikler material selected according to strict pedagogical requirements for purchase by childcare professionals, pedagogues, therapists, parents and individuals.

Pikler toys are hand-made from sustainable wood and are of high quality. The Pikler material can withstand intensive use, e.g. in playgroups, kindergartens and childcare centres. The Pikler toys comply with European standards (CE).

Pikler gym

Pikler gym elements improve small children's balance, muscles, courage and imagination. While climbing and clambering, they develop their motor skills and balance. Pikler gym equipment is widely used in childcare, playgroups, kindergartens and primary schools.

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