Jumbo building blocks

These jumbo blocks are being made by the Wise Club® which guarantees a 100% safe product without any phtalates. These soft play bricks have the same dimensions as the jumbo LEGO blocks and they are being made of the same materials. Because of the identical specifications, you can combine both makes without any problem because they are fully compatible.

Giant building blocks 100 pcs

This value pack contains 100 large foam building blocks. It is a fantastic educational toy for toddlers, preschoolers and children up to 7 years old. The giant construction blocks are ideal to build furniture, a house, wall, figures, animals and much more
€499,95 excl. tax
€604,94 incl. tax

Giant building blocks 42 pcs

These giant bricks are ideal for toddlers, preschoolers and kids up to 7 years old. Due to the unique rubber-foam material, these 42 giant lego blocks are extremely safe. Yet they hold together very well and kids can build the greatest models!
€229,95 excl. tax
€278,24 incl. tax

Giant building blocks 50 pcs

A fantastic collection of 50 big building blocks in several shapes and colours. An extremely safe product made drom an unique rubber-foam material. Ideal for toddlers and preschoolers and children up to 7 years in daycare, kindergarten and primary school
€259,95 excl. tax
€314,54 incl. tax

Giant building blocks 84 pcs

This fantastic set of rubber-foam mega building blocks enables toddlers and preschoolers to build great constructions and other exciting creations. No less than 84 elements are at their disposal in various shapes, colours and sizes. Fun guaranteed!
€450,00 excl. tax
€544,50 incl. tax

Jumbo building blocks for toddlers, preschoolers and older children up to 7 years

The jumbo building blocks are available in single packs as well as double value packs. Furthermore, you can choose the friendly nordic-pastel shades or the classic primary colours. These big soft play bricks are ideal for kids and toddlers in public play corners, waiting rooms and of course daycare centers and primary schools (key-stage 1). 

Stacking blocks to build walls, a playhouse, animals and furniture

These jumbo stacking blocks hold very good together due to the fact that they are being made of an unique rubber-foam material. With the soft jumbo blocks, kids easily build the greatest models like figures, animals and walls. But also a chair, table, playhouse or a bridge can be easily created with a bit of creativity and perseverance.

For free play or guided activities

Teachers and preschool teachers can use the jumbo lego blocks in both guided activities as well as for free play during a leisure hour. Teaching ideas could be:​
  • Letter-building: create letters of the alphabet using the jumbo blocks
  • Word-building: put a letter on each jumbo play block and then have the child put a word together (helps with language and gross motor skills)
  • Characters: write a character profile about a particular minifigure; could you give your character a twist of some kind? For instance, a witch who is afraid of cats…
  • Character creation: create your own figure with the jumbo foam blocks and think of a suitable setting
  • Storyboards: retell a story by creating images to represent different scenes; build these scenes with the jumbo toy blocks